What does a meta tag look like? A meta tag looks like this: Only two figures can give you a first idea: 94% of French people use Google for their research and in 2013, a Google outage for 5 minutes caused global internet traffic to drop by 40%. If these two figures are not enough to convince you, Google is also YouTube, Google+, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Adwords , Google Analytic , Google AdSence, Androïd,… and the list goes Palestinian Territories Email List on and on. First observation, Google is essential on the Internet, SEO by Google is therefore also! SEO google tied hands  In France, more than 94% of Internet users use Google when they carry out research on the Internet. There are only 2 solutions to increase your website traffic through this gateway, one free and the other paid.

Let’s start with the paid solution, it boils down to buying engine advertising from Google with the Google AdWords program is not necessarily the best of the two solutions, it forces you to invest constantly to keep your visitors. The other “free” solution is natural referencing (seo) , it consists in helping Google to cite your name as high as possible in your search results. The ideal is to appear in first or second position under sponsored links to collect between 30 and 35% of clicks! google analytics To come back to the importance of SEO by Google, 91% of requests going through its engine, Google imposes its rules and criteria for your SEO . If you want to see your site stand out in the queries that interest you, you have no other choice but to comply with Google’s SEO requirements, otherwise you risk being relegated.

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Why Is Google Seo Essential?

at the bottom of the ranking and lose all your visitors. How to optimize your Google SEO? To optimize your Google referencing and its 200 criteria, several solutions are available to you. Or do it alone, which requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of time. The other solution is to use a web agency or an SEO agency offering SEO services , in the form of a monthly package or one-off services. Note that Google has a habit of often changing the algorithm (Panda, Penguin and other Hummingbirds) defining the rules and best practices in terms of natural referencing . Google Hummingbird Another important element to integrate before embarking on an SEO strategy, each case is unique! Your objectives, your keywords, your site, your activities, your history,… belong to you and require special treatment in terms of referencing .

Example: between a small company distributing its products within a radius of 30 kilometers around Compiègne and a company with a national influence, the techniques to be favored, the budgets allocated, the choice of keywords, … and others will have to be adapted on a case-by-case basis. case, the only point common to all these situations is Google with its rules to be respected. SEO-Search-Engine-Optimization-referencement  As written above, Google sets the rules and breaking them is unthinkable if you want to be visited. We have already touched on the subject of SEO in a few articles on our blog and other articles will complement them.

Some Basic Rules To Follow For Your Google Seo

In the few rules to follow, we will find: Choosing the right keywords with the help of Google Trends and Yooda INSIGHT , The updated regularly on your website, Exchanges of relevant and natural links , The ergonomics and design of your website, The use of the potential of the long tail , Hunting duplicate content (duplicate content) , The provision of unique and quality text content in accordance with your keywords, Of meta-descriptions and tags titles correctly filled, A good prioritization of your content with the right categories, … This list is not exhaustive, many other criteria must be taken into account such as your presence on social networks (Google plus in particular) , the quality of your domain name, your URLS, the availability of your server, the anteriority of your domain name,… and many more.

The Anthedesign web agency can advise you and bring its expertise to your SEO strategy .A description of the page…” The tag named “ description” provides a brief description of the page, this description is included in the snippet that appears in search engine results. Meta tags are always placed in the section of your HTML page. meta name description The meta tag and its importance in SEO There are all kinds of meta tags out there, some are useful for your website SEO and some are n’t, so we’re going to focus on those that are of SEO interest . A web page without any meta tag will get a lower ranking than a page with equivalent content but with well-informed tags.

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