Google Search Console is the new name of the Webmaster Tools console, the opportunity to rediscover a source of free information on your websites and one of the favorite tools of SEO experts. ZEN READING Google Search ConsoleUpdated July 17, 2019 Google Search Console has been the new name for the Google Webmaster Tools webmaster console since May 2015. This name change is an opportunity for Google to address a wider audience than the webmaster and SEO community, the signal is given with the deletion of the word webmaster. Another signal of change, the main report of the former Google webmaster tools formerly called “Search queries” becomes “Research analysis” . The new “Search Console” from Google is now aimed at all those who are interested in the visibility of their website on Google (business leaders, marketing departments, etc.) .

The Google Search Console is a free tool to find out almost everything about your website. To get a more precise idea of ​​its potential, the Google Search Console allows you to: Follow the evolution of the number of your pages indexed by Liechtenstein Email List Google, Be informed by Google of security problems related to your site, Follow the evolution of the positioning of your web pages on Google, Submit the sitemap of your website, Explore your site as if you were a Google robot, Test the display of your site on mobile , View your main backlinks and disavow them if necessary, View the exploration errors ( 404 errors, server errors, etc.) on your site, Check your robots.txt file , ..

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Presentation of Google Search Console in video

Focus on some interesting features of GSC Monitoring the indexing of your web pages The ” Indexing status ” feature allows you to know the number of URLs that the Google robot has indexed, it allows you to follow the evolution of indexing over 12 months. You can also view the pages blocked by the robots.txt file and the number of deleted pages. Indexing tracking on Google Search ConsoleIndexing tracking on Google Search Console Research analysis The search analysis allows you to view all the queries typed on Google that displayed a link to your site, this corresponds to the number of impressions.

What can you find on Google Search Console?

Another advantage: A website active in Google Search Console has a better chance of being fully indexed and better positioned. Update Monday, January 8, 2018 : a new Search Console is coming! The new version of the Google Search Console is being deployed, you have already received or you will soon receive a message as soon as your site is affected. Conclusion Do not hesitate to register your site on Google Webmaster Tools , once the authentication procedure is completed, you will benefit from all the essential information to improve your visibility, and it’s completely free!The growth of “Rich Answers” The “Rich Answers” are on the rise, these questions asked to Google are always more numerous.

If the content collected by Google on your site exactly answers the question asked by the Internet user, the click-through rate is often very interesting. The best way to take advantage of the potential of Rich Answers is to produce qualitative content that answers Internet users’ questions using the long tail . SEO: what is the role of the long tail? To conclude on SEO 2016 trends, the secure HTTPS connection and Mobile Friendly will be essential in all SEO strategies for the technical part.

The content remains ROI, unique content with high added value, The video is a good vehicle traffic, a well-integrated video is a guarantee of success, The tweets are indexed in Google, optimize your presence on social networks, The local SEO is a good growth driver, if you own a local business, go for it! The Rich Answers are growing! Take the opportunity to take advantage of the long tail in your field of activity. You can now take advantage of the 2016 SEO trends and continue with our SEO recommendations for 2017 ! If you respect these two conditions, you will obtain effective, sustainable and profitable netlinking for your natural referencing .

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