Google Penguin (or Google Penguin) is the “SEO antispam filter” of the Google algorithm , its vocation is to fight against abusive referencing (spamdexing) . These abusive techniques, also known as Black Hat SEO, have in common non-compliance with Google’s guidelines (Google’s Webmaster Guidelines). Deployed for the first time in April 2012, Google Penguin therefore aims to penalize websites whose natural referencing is anything but natural . ” Google’s Penguin penalizes in particular SEO techniques that rely on aggressive net linking aimed at improving the ranking of a web page. Google Penguin also tracks the cloaking and keyword stuffing (keyword stuffing ) . Why Google Penguin? Through its some 200 criteria, Google’s algorithm encourages the production of quality content.

Google’s primary objective: to offer Internet users only quality content in its search results. The successive evolutions of the Panda and Penguin filters confirm Google’s desire to produce ever more qualitative results. For those who Ethiopia Email List use abusive techniques to improve the ranking of a web page by manipulating the Google algorithm, the Penguin filter works by degrading the positioning of the pages concerned or eliminating them from search results. Google Penguin in a few dates From its launch in April 2012 to its integration into the heart of the algorithm in 2016, Google’s spam filter has seen several versions and several deployments: April 2012: Google Penguin 1 affects 3.1% of queries (keywords typed by Internet users), May 2012: Google Penguin 1.1 affects 0.

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What is Google Penguin?

1% of queries, October 2012: Google Penguin 1.2 affects 0.3% of queries, May 2013: Google Penguin 2.0 affects 2.3% of requests, October 2013: Release of Google Penguin 2.1 with 1% of queries affected, October 2014: Penguin 3.0 affects 1.0% of requests, September 23, 2016: Google Penguin 4.0 is integrated into the real-time algorithm . For the SEO specialists in charge of the sites affected by Penguin, these dates certainly bring back bad memories. Some sites victims of the Penguin filter have indeed observed a drop in their ranking in Google and their traffic overnight. Google Penguin drop in analytics traffic Drop in traffic on a site penalized by Google Penguin in 2014 – Google Analytics capture The integration of Google Penguin in the heart of Google’s algorithm was announced for 2 years, it is not really a surprise.

For all site editors and SEO White Hat SEOs who are committed to respecting Google’s guidelines, they have nothing to worry about. Conversely, for those who are still trying to cheat Google’s algorithm, the penalty will be faster. Reminder of SEO practices to avoid If you want to boost website traffic without panicking Google Penguin, here is a non-exhaustive list of practices to avoid when it comes to Netlinking: The abusive repetition of a low quality link anchor, The creation of links “without coherence and without any meaning” at the level of the contents of the linked pages, The links in the comments of the forums (spamCo or comment spam) , Massive and automated link creation using SEO software, Keyword stuffing within internal or outgoing links, Buying a domain name with a high PageRank only for the purpose of creating dofollow backlinks.

What impacts for your website on the SEO side?

The creation of poor quality backlinks with optimized anchors “stuffed” with keywords, Excessive exchanges of “artificial links”: Google prefers natural links. To conclude, the integration of Penguin at the heart of Google’s algorithm will have no impact for SEO Friendly sites . If, on the other hand, your site does not comply with Google’s guidelines, contact us, we have solutions for you.After 48 months of regular publications and 2 redesigns of our site, we have obtained the following results: More than 200 pages positioned on the first page of Google , A presence on the first page of Google on more than 3,800 keywords , More than 2,000 visitors on average per day , … The consequences of this Google SEO strategy are positive: on average 4 new prospects contact us every day.

We were also able to achieve unthinkable international sales without our ongoing SEO work. Concrete case on the keyword website redesign To finish convincing you of the benefits of a successful SEO strategy , we will take as an example a targeted, worked, optimized and finally well positioned keyword: “website redesign” entered in the Google search engine. Our agency appears in first position just after two advertisers (average value per click on AdWords for website redesign: € 5.05) . With about 120 clicks per month on this single keyword, the investment made in the SEO of our site is very profitable in the long term.

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