With the promise of being 1000 times more powerful than its predecessor , Google MUM intends to guide its users to the answers to their questions in a more visual way. But what will these changes bring new to users? What impacts Comoros Email List will they have on the SEO world and how can we prepare to accommodate these changes? MUM stands for “  Multitask Unifield Model  ”. This is an algorithm developed by Google to provide more relevant answers to the complex questions of Internet users . According to Pandu Nayak, Google Fellow and Vice President of Research at Google, “  Mum has the potential to transform the way Google helps you with complex tasks.

MUM uses the T5 text-to-text framework and is 1000 times more powerful than BERT . “. As a reminder, BERT ( Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers ) is Google’s current search engine. The 2021 edition of Google’s Search On event , broadcast live on the Google site and on Twitter , provides us with valuable information on what’s new at MUM. To respond as precisely as possible to users’ research intention, Google experts have worked to develop MUM on three main axes. So the new Google algorithm is: multimodal, multilingual and multitasking. 1 | Multimodal: takes into account different formats Google MUM is multimodal, which means that it understands and pulls information simultaneously from different types of formats : Text Picture Video Audio In addition to analyzing different types of content, the new algorithm will understand your queries from text, image, video and sound.

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What is Google MUM?

This will be possible in particular thanks to the Google Lens application which will also be equipped with MUM from the start of 2021. As a reminder, Google Lens is an application that makes it possible to search by photo . Take a photo with your smartphone and search from it. With the arrival of Google MUM, you will be able to do better. An illustration from Google shows that it is possible to take an image and add a voice request to it . MUM uses the image and the voice note as the same query and takes them into account when looking for results. The illustration shows, among other things, a pair of shoes with a vocal note transcribed as “Can I use them to hike Mount Fuji?” “.

In this case, MUM understands the image and makes the link with the question asked to let you know if your shoes are suitable for such an adventure. Better, it directs you to a blog which deals with this subject and offers you recommended equipment. 2 | Multilingual: remove language barriers Currently, the results offered by the Google search engine are limited to the language in which the request was made. For example, if you launch a search using only French words, the majority of the results presented to you will lead you to sources in French. Still, there are certainly quality results in English, German, Spanish, and many other languages ​​that you would have liked to see appear in the results. Google MUM removes language barriers and gives you more relevant and complete results.

What new features does Google MUM bring to its users?

In fact, the algorithm is able to understand and compare results in over 75 different languages . It can even generate some. The language difference between the search and the result is therefore no longer an obstacle to access to quality information. 3 | Multitasking: multitasking Google MUM multitasks simultaneously to instantly provide the best answers to queries . Google’s current search engine is already capable of doing this to some extent. For each search launched by an Internet user, the algorithm takes into account several parameters to display the results that he finds relevant. These include, for example, language, location and format.

But natural results don’t always match what the user wants to find. Therefore, the latter is forced to try different combinations of words to make himself understood. Google says that an Internet user makes an average of 8 requests for complex questions to find acceptable answers (or not). This is where the new Google algorithm brings an innovation. Google MUM will thus be able to perform many more tasks at the same time for: have a much more complete understanding of the queries; do more research; display more relevant and complete results. How will Google MUM affect the SEO world? Many website owners and publishers criticize Google for several reasons. They believe that encouraging Internet users to limit themselves to the first organic results displayed on the first page of results penalizes other websites. This is partly true.

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