What are the consequences of changing Google Images on the SEO of your website? What is Google Images? Google Images has been a service offered by the Google search engine since July 2001. This service allows you to find images on the web related to the keyword entered in the search bar. google images search engine The images Zimbabwe Email List are displayed as thumbnails, each thumbnail displayed corresponds to an image online on a web page. A hyperlink connects the image displayed on Google Images to the image hosted on a web page. By clicking on an image, you will have access to the following information: The origin of the image: the name of the page and the name of the site from which the image is taken, The size of the image.

Width x height expressed in pixels, The name of the image: the text of the alternative text tag (Alt tag). Search options on Google Images By clicking on Tools, you will have access to advanced search options allowing you to filter image searches according to what the Internet user wants to find. In the “tools” tab, you can choose: tools google images Size “Large” or “Medium” or “Icons” or “Greater than…” or “Equal to”. The colour “In color” or “Black and white” or “Transparent” or “Choice of a color”, The type “Faces” or “Photos” or “Clip Art” or “Line Art” or “Motion Pictures”. The period “Any date” or “Less than 24 hours” or “Less than a week” or “personalized period”.

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Where does Google Images come from?

The right of use “Images not filtered by license” or “Reuse and modification allowed” or “Reuse allowed” or “Reuse and modification allowed without commercial purpose” or “Reuse permitted without commercial purpose”. More tools “All results” or “show sizes”. By default, pornographic images are filtered on Google Images, the filter can be disabled.  For the record, Google Image was developed when the search engine received many requests for Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress (Jennifer’s cleavage in particular) . Dress worn by Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles during the 42 th Grammy Awards 2000. Google images – Jennifer Lopez: Google says thank you Le Figaro MadameJennifer Lopez: Google says thank you Le Figaro Madame

The update of the Google Image service announced in 2013 aimed to offer Internet users a more ergonomic interface than the previous one. This new version of Google images was fully deployed in France on February 07, 2017. Google Images before February 07, 2017 To access an image from Google Images, all you had to do was click on a thumbnail, then you were taken directly to the selected image. The web page from which the image was taken was displayed in the background. For each image selected on Google Images, one session was counted on the Google Analytics of the corresponding site.

What are the changes to Google Images?

anthedesign Google ImagesResult of the anthedesign request on Google Image capture site anthedesign Google Images after February 07, 2017 When the intended image is selected, a black block appears containing this image in the original format and accompanied by a carousel of images associated with the request typed by the Internet user. As a result, the site that hosted the image is no longer in the background and no sessions are counted on Analytics. To access the website hosting the image, the Internet user must henceforth click on the “Consult the page” tab or a second time on the main image. anthedesign google images What are the repercussions on the SEO of the website? The announced update of Google Images Search causes a significant drop in website traffic.

analytics drop sessions google imagesDrop in the number of sessions from the Google Images domain> drop from 400 sessions per day to 0. To see the difference before / after, you have to go to your Google Analytics account. Then select “Acquisition”, then “All traffic”, then “Referrer sites” and finally on “images.google.fr”. Then adjust the date range from 02/01/2017 to 02/12/2017 for example to see the difference. An additional click is now required to access the website when the Internet user selects the image sought on the search engine. The advantage of this update is to allow the search for more qualitative images. analytics google imagesCapture Google Analytics – Comparison before / after update of Google Images – Source: anthedesign.

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