We made the bold claim that any innovative company worth their salt was moving to a more media organisation approach, modelling themselves on news providers like the BBC. Were we right? Time has proven that a lot of innovative companies experimented with the layout of their websites and pushed their content to a more central position. We sure did. But if you take a look across the B2B technology space, a lot of organisations have not. They have continued to keep the homepage > services > resources page dynamic. And that’s totally fine.

The Issue and the Point of This Article Is That the

mindset of where the ‘blog page’ is located can commonly filter into what kind of content a company produces. Today, I want to say that the blog is not dead. but if your business really wants to make a splash with its content marketing strategy, you should be thinking outside the blog. For instance, Make 2021 the Year You Elevate Your Oman Phone Number Content B2B content marketing used to be blog writing. But we’ve moved on and the formats and mediums organisations now have at your disposal are much richer and can engage your audience in more than one way. In 2021, you should have higher ambitions for your content.

And Honestly It’s Not Really That Difficult It Just Takes a

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planning. Here’s how to kick your content up a notch: Start a Monthly Editorial Meeting The content in your content marketing strategy should never be ‘ad hoc’. Now, if you’ve already set up a content calendar, then that’s a good start. But the next step is to set up a monthly editorial meeting to discuss what content you will publish over the coming month. Who Should Be There? The editorial meeting should include decision-makers from your marketing team, as well as product experts, sales representatives, and representatives from any other area of your organisation that might have good input into what content the business should be producing. It’s important to keep in mind several points:

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