Concrete terms, how do you shape it to differentiate your brand? 1. Always seek consistency in customer perception A key part of defining customer perception is that it reflects what consumers think and feel about your products and services. But what if different channels are broadcasting conflicting or disconnected messages? The lack of consistency affects the customer’s perception of your brand. It can wipe out your marketing efforts or even damage your overall image. This is why it is essential to ensure the consistency of the message and to establish an integrated marketing strategy implemented across all channels .

From the first interaction with the brand to the tactics after the purchase, your customer’s journey must be fluid, pleasant and always built  Iran WhatsApp Number List  on the same values, principles and complementary messages . 2. Build friendships and bond emotionally with consumers. It is common knowledge that most of our day-to-day decisions are emotional. And as the Deloitte study shows, in order to recommend a product or brand, people need more than a few corporate values ​​and vague CSR promises, they need a strong and constant emotional connection to shape them.

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customer perception . And it pays off, of course: HubSpot reveals that consumers who are emotionally connected to the brand have a 306% higher Lifetime Value and 71% chance to recommend the company, compared to an average rate of 45% . Under these conditions, a question arises: in a world so digitized, what kind of emotional connections do customers expect? According to the same Deloitte study, consumers are now looking for brands that want to be their friend and they want these relationships to be based on responsiveness, empathy, a good understanding of their socio-cultural and political contexts, a high degree of personalization and two-way communication.

Consumers expect their favorite businesses to know what products they use, how often, and to use all of these to provide them with personalized information and experiences . As with friends consumers want brands to understand their feelings, pay attention to their comments, listen to them and respond to them . It is only when these goals are achieved that brands can benefit from a positive customer perception. With no room for downtime (who likes a friend who replies to your texts a week later?), For example, marketers have started using AI chatbots to improve their services.

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Sephora, H&M, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and other large online retailers rely on these technology aids to answer questions and provide information on orders, deliveries, payments to bolster their customer perception. ! (/ uploads / ar solutions chatbot.jpg) Source: Sephora chatbot 3. Make live remarkable experiences thanks to new technologies. Customer experience, a decisive link Surveys continue to confirm that up to 70% of consumers agree that “quality, reliable customer service” is the most important characteristic of their favorite online store.

And this expectation born online is moving quickly offline: consumers expect the same in-store convenience, from the availability of locker rooms to the friendliness of sales advisers, from the personalization of packaging and targeting of messages. What makes an exceptional customer experience? Distribution professional Doug Stephens summed it up perfectly for Business of Fashion – a great customer experience has 5 elements: surprise, uniqueness, personalization, engagement and repeatability . In the battle for customer perception, people expect brands to personalize unique moments worth sharing, online and offline .

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