Thus forcing market leaders to in turn integrate these technologies into their luxury marketing strategy in order to try to keep their first places. We can highlight several benefits to the implementation of such an approach: By selling directly to consumers, brands have direct access to a large volume of customer data which can then be leveraged to Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List evaluate their strategy, services and business approaches. This then allows them to be particularly responsive to new needs and comments expressed by consumers . This flexibility will be beneficial to luxury brands in the long term because it fully corresponds to Millennial expectations.

By eliminating intermediaries, the costs of distribution and points of sale are reduced, thus bringing two advantages: It is possible either to reduce prices or increase profits. Track market expansion : The D2C approach makes it easier for brands to follow market expansion trends by controlling internal resource mobilization. The D2C approach facilitates the implementation of an improved customer experience aimed at personalizing the relationship between the customer and the brand. A wider range of products and an assortment that promotes cross-selling Obviously the D2C concept is not new, the brands specializing in the high-end have had online sales sites for many years already.

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But the place taken today by social networks and media such as Instagram and WeChat coupled with geolocated-based services significantly increase the potential of these online shopping platforms, particularly in terms of the results to be expected from such a marketing strategy. 3D visualization tool of Guerlain perfume allowing users to create their signature elements: engraving of their initials and choice of size, color, accessories etc. Solution created by Hapticmedia . Ready to use 3D visualization like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to get higher conversion rates?

Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! When properly conducted, it has been proven that such an approach is formidably effective when applied to a marketing strategy in the luxury sector, for example excellent results can be observed in the beauty, fashion and even retail sectors. lifestyle brands … 3. Foster the creation and sharing of “Instagram-beneficial” content by customers In a recently published article, business strategy expert Daniel Langer says one of the toughest challenges Gen Z will face will be managing their social media .

During Lockdown, People Spent Significantly More Time Online To Get Information, Interact

Indeed, Generation Z and Millennials publish and document their lives on public networks , and therefore this generates a lot of issues on a daily basis. Since managing your own image becomes a priority for these consumers, successfully generating visually appealing content is a goal for everyone. This concern impacts any segment of their lives: travel, clothing, shoes – Everything must be “Instagram – beneficial” This is why luxury marketers must understand the importance of the following points.

Create a catalyst ecosystem for user content generation Focus on bringing your brand into the lives of consumers rather than the purpose of the sale Far beyond the borders of the luxury industry, customer-generated content is a trend that is spreading across all customer- centric industries as it strongly impacts the relationship between brands and consumers and enables the experience to be personalized. . This stimulates the activity of content generated and shared on social networks by customers and prospects, which is well known is already a key factor of success today and which will be even more so tomorrow. 4 Coupling Art & Luxury in marketing actions Art and Marketing have been strongly linked in the luxury trade for many years, especially in China, which is as such the driving force behind the development of this trend.

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