UGC has been an important tool for the online environment since the early 2000s , when Wikipedia , the most successful collaborative encyclopedia, was created. This now globally popular website was launched in 2001 and has since allowed users to add, edit and publish content. Of course, he also created certain guidelines to ensure Namibia Phone Number List consistent quality. The reach of user-generated content has been widely recognized. In 2006, for example, Time magazine declared that the person of the year, “it’s you”, as a surfer, and recognized how the CGU democratizes information and enriches websites like YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.

Nowadays, user generated content is mostly associated with content posted on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and many more. This type of content is also used by brands for marketing and data communication purposes. In today’s society, anyone with access to the internet can be a content creator . We can use this power to share a shopping experience, recommend a product , shed light on a story, report an event, etc. Benefits of User Generated Content: It is created by individuals and for individuals. 1. It promotes a sense of authenticity and builds trust According to Social Media Week, 87% of brands use UGC for authenticity because consumers rate user-generated content 2.4 times more authentic than branded content.

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Additionally, as the Stackla survey shows , 51% of consumers believe that less than half of brands create authentic content. This feeling of authenticity encourages the public to trust the UGC more than other sources of information and directly affects the relationship between the consumer and the brand, transforming the consumer into a force in its own right that can either bring benefits to a business or harm it.

2. It arouses emotions and commitment A study by Realeyes and Warc compared viewer reactions to four different types of video, namely TikTok UGC videos, TikTok ads, Facebook ads, and conventional ads. She found that in terms of a music video’s ability to capture, retain and encode emotions, user-generated content TikTok was the most powerful of all , performing 21% better than Facebook ads and 68% higher than conventional ads. Consumers engage more with user-generated content than with branded content, because this type of content resonates better and communicates more effectively with those affected. Indeed, a UGC strategy implemented by Bryker Hyde , which encouraged customers to rate products and tag the brand on social media to achieve a 10% reduction, resulted in a 754% increase in engagement. on Instagram . 3. It brings a certain look.

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Through user-generated content, consumers share their experiences and opinions that businesses may not even be aware of. For example, the eye shadows makeup artists use for the lips, the fashion pieces that are styled in a very personal way, all of these add a dimension to a product that brands could never foresee. 4. It makes brands attractive. Let’s start from an example. VOSS water has today become an almost cult product both on Instagram and outside this network , because its name is synonymous with a cool, healthy and dynamic lifestyle.

This result is the result of a well-thought-out strategy that involved clear positioning, social media curation and, above all, user-generated content. An attractive T & Cs catches the attention of consumers and entices them to try a certain product or service. Particularly in the area of ​​hospitality and luxury experiences, seeing a place through a person’s eyes and associating it with a certain lifestyle is a very powerful marketing technique. 5. It stimulates purchases. According to a Stackla survey, nearly 80% of respondents confirm that user-generated content has an impact on their decision-making , compared to 13% who see branded content as a conversion factor.

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