Added blog categories to the mobile site navigation and made the expandable menus collapsible Share. It was possible to choose invalid date ranges within Share. This Afghanistan Phone Number  has been fixed Refactor Sumo client: Reduced round trip calls even more. Only rarely will the client need to make two round trip calls to Sumo now. Shopify: Shopify added the ability to batch create discount Afghanistan Phone Number  codes. So now we use that rather than creating them individually MAR 19, 2018 Features Discount Codes. Added discount code features for WooCommerce userS Dashboard.

Must Do to Build Your List

Dashboard: Added new intro screen to Afghanistan Phone Number  introduce the best features of dashboard to users. Fixes Dashboard: Fixed dashboard intro to be Afghanistan Phone Number  responsive and the buttons to go to the next slide, rather than to the blog. Dashboard: Added arrows to all sortable categories, Afghanistan Phone Number  highlight the selected category and added “Best” as a selectable category. Integrations: SumoMe to Sumo copy fixes. Dashboard: Shows the correct color for Conversion Rate % relative to industry average.

Afghanistan Phone Number List

Installation: Fixed wordpress admin url Afghanistan Phone Number  detection to provide the best installation path for new users. Refactor Discount Codes: Decoupled discount code / list builder statuses. Updated settings to use ReactRouter for routing rather than our code keeping Afghanistan Phone Number  track of the view state Chat. Removed an unnecessary call to a Sumo endpoint for chat as we Afghanistan Phone Number  already hit that same endpoint on load for our legacy email apps. Fewer round trips = faster load. MAR 12, 2018 Chores Blog: Moved blog comments higher up on the page just

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