Each of them has specific limitations: An image-based configurator does not allow customers to explore products from all angles, which can result in a huge difference between reality and expectations . Offline 3D solutions require the customer to Bahamas WhatsApp Number List use additional plug-ins such as Flash (or other platforms), which limits the number of customers who can view your products. They also complicate the in-depth analysis of customer needs alongside third-party data integration. Advantages of 3D configurators for the customer 1. A total understanding of the product by interaction with it 3D configurators solve all kinds of problems and limitations.

Customers view products in real time, while the site owner receives analysis of customer behavior. No need for additional plug-ins to operate the 3D configurators either. Customers can view 3D solutions on mobile or tablet without making use of plug-ins. 2. Possibility of co-designing a product to meet specific or high-end needs Customers personalize products according to their needs and without intervention from the salesperson: the final decision is therefore theirs. Thanks to their investment in the creative process, they receive a product that perfectly matches their expectations. Kenzo uses 3D visualization and configuration technology to better present its products and offer online personalization to its customers. Solution created by Hapticmedia .

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Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! at. Playful and engaging Customers will never tire of scrolling through the images. With 3D configurators, they can have fun associating product options before asking you for advice. Brands can also generate added value by offering an offer in a whole range of formats based on pre-programmed rules and formulas. With this heightened sense of interaction, clients engage in the creative process, breaking the ice of first contact. b. Save time and avoid mistakes Customers will be happy that they don’t have to worry about purchasing a product that’s too small.

No one wants to have to go through the painful process of returning a product and waiting to receive the correct one. Thanks to 3D configurators, customers get a 360 ° view of the product at exact dimensions, reducing their worry of being wrong in their first choice. vs. Possibility of placing specific orders more easily Customers will appreciate product configurators because they allow them to get the product that exactly matches their needs. They therefore take an active part in the decision-making that precedes the manufacture of their product.

The International Data Corporation Estimates That 1.39 Billion Devices Will Be Shipped In 2023 .

They can also make specific requests for the desired product, rather than settling for mass-produced items. 3. Possibility of cost tracking Customers can also control how much the product will cost them as they customize it, since the different options offered will influence the final price. They will be able to see price changes in real time. Benefits of 3D configurators for your business 3D configurator: what is it and how can it be useful? 3 Source: Guerlain 3D configurator by Hapticmedia Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote!

1. Understand your customers’ needs and be responsive to market trends Thanks to the 3D product configurators, you will minimize your errors and misunderstandings between you and your customers, since the latter actively control their purchases. You’ll also reduce barriers to your market, since the configurator will let you know what customers want when you come up with the first options in the first phase of product development. 2. Reduce storage and marketing costs The use of 3D configurators will modify and shorten the sales cycle, since real-time feedback will allow you to obtain better results. You will be able to perform product updates and track customer behavior in detail and in real time.

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