Fixes Shopify Fixed issue where users would see “Invalid Shopify Credentials” that wouldn’t go away even after a successful connection. Smart Bar Updated how we Brazil Phone Numbe to handle more cases. Should improve smart bar’s ability to insert itself properly Style Chat Fixed. Some chat mobile styling issues SEPTEMBER 24 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2018 Features Shopify. Automatically restart process on any errors for Shopify event processors so we’re always consuming events

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Fixes Sumo Fixed an issue where some customers were unable to change their. Site ID on Shopify websites Upgrading from legacy plans now properly opens the checkout page. In case Shopify product details pull in strange characters Shopify Shopify. began rejecting requests that contained both a marketing_channel and referring_domain.

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We no longer send those. Discount Codes Fixed issue where discount sources were linking to the incorrect form Convert Window Shopper Some product descriptions include html. Now we strip out the html to prevent strange product descriptions from being used ElasticSearch Mappings. Style Display Rules Display rule input fields now line up nicely rather than indent for each new line SEPTEMBER 17 – SEPTEMBER 23, 2018 Features Shortcuts Added update button to show on shortcuts when Shopify re-auth is

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