Emails Shortcuts Remove integration step if already integrated. Fixes Shortcuts Added several updates to the display logic to prevent multiple shortcuts from stepping on each other. Fixed issue where publishing after upgrading could lead to a crash ListBuilder Only preload images for enabled steps. Reintroduced the “Restore” form button to restore deleted forms Fixed issue where drop-downs were not lining up Dashboard Fixes issue when switching from

Building Your Own Opt-In List

Overview to another chart type, after clicking a different interval, it’d show the page/form data not the overview data. Fixed issue where long urls would overflow Style RCA Shortcut Updated upgrade dropdown style and updated pricing table spacing. AUGUST 20, 2018 – Netherlands Phone Number Builder. Fixed template loading logic Fixed lb3 template upload for admins Fixed an issue where tests weren’t displaying results correctly (no progress toward statistical significance) Shopify

Netherlands Phone Number List

Fixed an issue where the shopify scopes were preventing registrations from happening properly. Message Center Fixed a bug where firefox didn’t like the way we were adding links AUGUST 13, 2018 – AUGUST 19, 2018.  Now they are! List Builder Fixed issue where Advanced Forms were not editable due to a bug

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