Added checks within LB to make sure the Shopify token is still valid. FEB 19, 2018 Fix – Sumo: Stopped background loading of non-active apps in site owner admin panel. Prevents bugs where the underlying app would ask for things when the app wasn’t even enabled. People often ask me, “How relevant is your list building instruction for professionals who sell our own services throughout the U.S.?” Well, that’s easy. Nothing illustrates better than a concrete example

Essentials  Customers Offers List

Refactor – Highlighter/Contact Form: Removed redundant code. Should result in smaller payload and faster loading Feature – Message Center. Added method of Armenia Phone Number deleting subscribers Feature – Message Center: Added new campaign view with saving campaigns! Feature – List Builder. List builder Xs now have a bigger hitbox on mobile devices to prevent end user frustration Feature – SailThru: If a user had previously opted out of emails, then re-opt-in, we now re-add them to the mailing list.

Armenia Phone Number

Refactor – Embed Code: Rolled out the refactored embed code. This should help with pagespeed issues Refactor – Legacy LB/Smart Bar/Welcome Mat. Migrated endpoints to single endpoint shared with other services to improve speed and reduce back-and-forth Feature – Message Center. If the user changed the campaign and hits cancel before saving, we ask them if they’d like to Save or Discard their changes. Feature – Message Center: Added ability to duplicate campaigns Feature – List Builder:

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