People inherently do things that they see other people are doing. That’s why Yelp ratings and Amazon reviews work so well. Adidas uses social proof by integrating an instagram feed for its “SHARE HOW YOU WEAR IT” campaign on product pages. Besides social proof, it adds fresh content to the page and builds community. Both of which are beneficial to SEO. Screenshot showing a page on Such social media integrations also attract backlinks.

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Looking at the backlink profile of Adidas’ “Stan Smith Shoe” page. We can see that the page gained a lot of backlinks since early November 2017 (source: AHREFs).[*] Honduras Phone Number Screenshot showing “referring domains” graph According to Wayback machine, the page didn’t have the “SHARE HOW YOU WEAR IT” integration in August. I assume it was added between August 6th and November 8th, which fits to the surge in backlinks.[*] (Granted, the shoe is very popular. But it’s been on the market for quite a while.

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So, it makes sense that the page gets more backlinks than others but the sudden increase seems to be driven by the social integration.) Nike has an equivalent, called “share your look”. Screenshot showing a page on How you can apply it Engage your users to post pictures with your product on social networks and add a specific hashtag or tag you in their posts. This works even better when you provide an incentive, like a contest or discount.

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