It’ll bring up all the relevant results on your site, rather than just products (or just articles). That’s where Relevanssi comes in. Screenshot showing the WordPress admin panel. You can limit the search to only your ecommerce products by checking off only “page” so when users search, they don’t find your blog content, too. Or if you want them to find your blog content, leave “post” checked off. Relevanssi also brings up results based on partial terms.

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For example, if your customer wanted to find “ecommerce packaging” by typing in “ecomm packaging” on your site. Relevanssi will show results with the entire word, Panama Phone Number too. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it makes your site more user-friendly. #3: 404PAGE Key Panama Phone Number Takeaway: 404page lets you create a custom 404 page that can point visitors to other parts of your store. Click Panama Phone Number here to install 404page. If you don’t have this plugin, when your users click to a page that doesn’t exist and gives a 404 (which some of them

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Inevitably will), they end up on a page like this. Screenshot showing a 404 page Which is okay if you don’t care about branding, building your email list, or keeping your visitors on your site. Many of the visitors who 404 on your site will leave (and not return). Why not keep them on your site by customizing your 404 page to give them options. Options like signing up for your email list, suggesting your popular products or content, or even just giving them a peek into your brand like we have: Screenshot showing

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