There are still many opportunities for companies to stand out and get boat loads of organic traffic.[*] Google is constantly evolving its search algorithm, opening new doors and closing old ones. For example, the impact of content on rankings is growing. Even though backlinks are still the biggest ranking factor, their importance decreases. That shuffles the cards and allows for competition. In return, it keeps the pace high.

Building Email Marketing Lists Is Best

Companies have to evolve with Google, which becomes increasingly harder the bigger a company gets. This article shows where the journey is going for ecommerce SEO. Lebanon Phone Number  Notice how the mentioned tactics seek to satisfy users and search engines: Investing in Lebanon Phone Number  customer service content, category page content. Guides and Microsites gets you traffic and informs Lebanon Phone Number  your customers Featured Snippets and Direct Answers help you answer. Your customer’s most important questions Product curation catches their attention

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and helps to keep it Fat footers and HTML sitemaps help users and search engines to navigate through your site. Social proof creates trust and engages them to create backlinks to your product pages. Nokia Health explains it’s a ‘2-minute’ survey and this makes it easier for the customer to understand the commitment needed on their part.

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