Screenshot showing a landing page with products I’ve never seen anything like that. I know that Wayfair has pretty smart SEOs and they show how it’s done! No wonder their stock price has performed insanely strong this year. How You Can Apply It Here’s how to create customer service content that helps your users. Use Answer the Public to find relevant questions around the product and create a spreadsheet.

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Screenshot showing suggested keywords for “how” for a Guatemala Phone Number topic. Google those questions and add the questions from the direct answers to your Guatemala Phone Number collection. In the direct answers box, click every answer because it spins new ones up. Until they repeat themselves. Screenshot showing an answered question on a google search Go to Amazon’s product page and add the questions on their product pages

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To your spreadsheet as well. When you click on the “See more answered questions” button twice. You get a link to a page with all questions. Screenshot showing q&a fora product on amazon Use H-tags to structure your content. The main keyword should go into an H1 or H2 and the questions into an H2 or H Use ordered and unordered lists to structure the answers.

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