When the Sumo Leadership Team get together they work on some big ideas. In this article I’m going to show you something they came up with called the “Rules of Engagement.” These aren’t “rules” per se, but more guidelines for how everyone at Sumo can all interact and work with each other respectfully. Everyone on the Sumo team reviews them, practices them, and encourages others to. Take a read and see if you can come up with Rules of Engagement for your own business.

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Lindsay McCormick is the hardest working ecommerce business woman I’ve ever met. She’s working a full-time 9am-6pm job as a TV Producer for HGTV while Uganda Phone Number starting her own ecommerce business from 7pm-3am called Bite Toothpaste Bits. Screenshot showing a page on Bite Usually, I never write about ecommerce businesses just starting out, because they rarely ever make it. But Lindsay has hustled so hard to make her first $1,000 that I had to share her story and the lessons

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I learned from talking with her so you can see what it really takes to build your own ecommerce business from scratch. Here are the seven lessons I learned from Lindsay “Toothpaste Bits” McCormick. That every ecommerce entrepreneur who wants to start their own physical product ecommerce business can follow: 1 Lesson. Scratch Your Own Itch 2 Lesson 2: Research Your Product Idea 3 Lesson 3: Make Your Product 4 Lesson

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