Instead, I picked out two specific tactics that improve internal linking in a scalable way. HTML sitemaps and fat footers. HTML sitemaps are an efficient way to help Kenya Phone Number users and search engines to find products/content. I looked at the amount of outgoing links in big ecommerce Kenya Phone Number sites’ HTML. Sitemaps to get a better understanding of how they use them. Amazon links to 706 categories and subcategories on its HTML sitemap.[*] Macy’s has roughly double the amount with 1447 links.

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It’s the biggest HTML sitemap I found.[*] Walmart (553 links)[*] Alibaba (1182 links)[*] Lowes (451 links)[*] Adidas (402 links)[*] Black & Decker (234 links)[*] Kenya Phone Number eBay (683 links)[*] Nordstrom (1205 links)[*] Not all shops I looked at had an HTML sitemap. I think Kenya Phone Number that’s a missed opportunity. What’s interesting is that some went beyond the regular HTML sitemap. Sears, for example, has 594 links on its HTML sitemap but includes links to “HTML sub-sitemaps”.

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Screenshot showing categories on Sears It has one for each department, for example “clothing”. Screenshot showing a page on Aliexpress, an Alibaba Kenya Phone Number company, has a regular HTML sitemap* but on top of that they have sitemaps for “popular product”, “low Kenya Phone Number price products”, “great value products”, etc. This is a smart idea to cover as many categories as possible without stuffing a single HTML sitemap and making it easier for users.

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