E-commerce has taken an important place in the purchasing methods of the French. Another way to buy faster, more convenient and most of the time cheaper. ZEN READING e-commerce christmas 2013Updated October 30, 2021 According to studies published by FEVAD (Fédération E commerce et Vente à Distance), Internet sales Austria Email List continued to grow in 2012 and 32.7 million Cyber-buyers were recorded in France. What is the progression of purchases in E-commerce mode for Christmas 2013? Some sources do not tune their violins on this subject …

According to the Médiamétrie Internet Usages Observatory, 32.7 million Internet users purchased on the Internet in the third quarter of 2013 , or 863,000 more than in 2012 during this same period. One of the Top 15 e-commerce sites is visited each month by more than 6 out of 10 Internet users, for a total on average of 28.4 million Internet users, or 61.4%. Marketing directors and managers of distance selling companies that are members of the FEVAD, participate in the BtoB Commission. They met on December 5 to analyze the results for 2013, which turned out to be a rich and dynamic year for e-commerce.

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For others, a drop in 2013 …

e-commerce FEVAD, Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling, bringing together 580 companies and 800 websites, including the leading E-commerce sites in France. BtoB consolidates its growth on the web channel while relying on other channels. A 6% increase in turnover from distance sales has been observed since January. It represents 40% of turnover against 37% in 2012. amazon According to the Journal du Net , the growth of e-commerce is ‘still weakening’. While the sector’s growth exceeded 20% in October 2012 compared to October 2011, online spending recorded in October 2013 would be only 6.9% higher than in October 2012. Market growth is slowing and forecasts at the end of 2013 would be 50 billion euros taking into account new customers.

According to Le Figaro, the growth of the “E-commerce Christmas 2013” ​​vintage is less lively than in 2012 but remains buoyant for companies . A growing share of their turnover is generated by mass distribution, fashion, as well as high tech, cultural goods and travel. Amazon and C discount are among these giants which remain at the top of the most visited e-commerce sites in France. top15_sites_ecommerce A decline in online clothing sales has been noted due to reduced purchasing power. New customers are launching in particular among seniors. Marc LOLLIVIER explains “We could have feared that the increase in purchases among people aged 65 and over would be affected by the crisis. It has not happened.

E-commerce Christmas 2013, for some, an increase in sales

On the contrary, there were many, which makes this age group a good source of growth. ” Cyber-buyers over 65 are more numerous in the 1st quarter: an increase of 27% compared to N-1 was noted. santa claus e-commerce In short, By combining the various sources and their statistics, we note a slowdown in the growth of the “E-commerce Christmas 2013” ​​vintage. Marc LOLLIVIER, General Delegate of FEVAD summarizes the 2013 results with “two sites are created per hour in France. 10,000 new jobs were thus created in 2012 and 86% of websites plan to recruit in 2013 ”this data should however be verified at the end of the year.

However, the choice of online sales continues to present significant advantages and still attractive to Internet users, due to the reputation of the product, pragmatism, price comparison. E-commerce despite the crisis is still doing very well for this year and will have again achieved good performances for this Christmas 2013!

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