So yes, it is true that you could go through a bit of publicity. But, how do you invest money when you haven’t even started making even a little? And why not create an e-commerce blog to promote your site? Are you skeptical? This is understandable and this is the reason why I am offering you today to discover all the benefits that a blog can bring to your activity. But, by the way, who am I to tell you how to make your business work? Well, my name is Olivier Clémence and I created the . I help e-merchants to turn their online store into a profitable business. Okay, back to business. So, curious to learn more about the power of blogging in e-commerce? Lets’ go !

e-commerce blog  The natural referencing or SEO is the basis of any self-respecting web entrepreneur who wishes to increase the traffic of his site. It is a technique which aims to place your site in the first results of search engines. To learn San Marino Email List more about this topic, do not hesitate to read this article . And, if you’ve already educated yourself a little on the subject, you probably know that one of the key criteria for positioning yourself well on Google is to offer Internet users high added value content. Indeed, during its “rounds”, Google’s algorithm is attracted by content that allows the prospect to easily find an answer to his question.

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The e-commerce blog works for your natural referencing

And the Internet user often has hundreds to ask! So, the richer and more structured your content, the more likely it is that the information in it will be of interest to many readers. google algorithm And this is the whole point of an e-commerce site. Because the product sheets, often concise, are not conducive to increasing the content. So, obviously, regarding the product to be sold, as much useful information as possible and advice on how to use it are essential, but it is not relevant to develop a theme that is too broad. You risk losing the reader’s attention, who quickly wants to know if the product they have selected meets their needs. On a blog , it’s not the same story at all.

Internet users who browse this type of site are often looking for advice, trends and inspiration. It even often happens that some customers are not really aware of their need before reading an article on a problem that they encounter. Let’s take an example : Summer is approaching and Sophie is desperate to put on a swimsuit. The kilos taken during the winter are indeed installed without any intention to leave it spontaneously. “How to lose weight quickly? ” Here’s the question Sophie is likely to type into Google. And at that point, she doesn’t have a clear idea of ​​what she’s looking for. She just needs some advice. This is when a blog post has the power to challenge. And this is what Google really likes: that your content is interesting enough to answer Internet users’ questions.

The blog puts you in an expert position and strengthens the credibility of your site

That is very reassuring for a somewhat lost Internet user… Which happens regularly when he finds himself alone in front of his screen. If he was in a store, he could use a salesperson to guide him, but in an online store , a business relationship is more difficult to create and customer trust is longer to gain. In a blog article, you can more easily place yourself as an advisor by developing a theme related to your activity. Let us take the case of Sophie again. By typing her query into Google, she discovers that there are “fat burners”… that intrigues her and she would like to know more.

Moreover, the first results that appear on the page are articles which give all the information to know about these famous diet products. It’s perfect, she will be able to quickly get an idea of ​​what it is … And in addition, the text is full of advice … The TOP! online credibility So you have understood it, on an e-commerce blog, you will be able to demonstrate your expertise and guide prospects on a subject. Suddenly, if your remarks and your ideas are relevant, they will help develop a feeling of confidence in the prospect who will see you more as an advisor rather than a salesperson ready to do anything to sell. Because, we must admit, even if this is absolutely not your intention, there is nothing to do, in the eyes of many customers, a salesperson has only one goal in mind: to win money.

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