You can remove the italicized part of the sentence above and the “original” sentence would still make sense. Algeria Phone Number The nonrestrictive. clause adds potentially valuable information, but removing it would not harm the rest of the sentence or ch.ange its meaning. Quick tip: in general, only use “who” after or between commas. 6. Use repetition sparingly Repetition is one of the easiest mistakes to ignore in your own work, but it can ruin otherwise p.erfectly good writing. Algeria Phone Number. Self-editing checklist to avoid repetition Do not mistake yourself. Repetition can be a powerful technique to reiterate or emphasize crucial points, or to give rhythm to a piece.

Rather When You Think You Algeria Phone Number

When using certain turns of phrase, repetition may even be necessary. However, many inexperienced writers are only concerned with avoiding overuse of the same words multiple times in their work, but to Algeria Phone Number repetition can also find its way into other elements of your writing, such as sentence or paragraph structure. When you’re done. with a first draft (or ‘re done), take a look at the first words of each paragraph. Do you open your paragraphs the same or similar way each time? You may have missed it during the writing p.hase, but your reader will pick it up.

Improvement in Your Work Algeria Phone Number

Algeria Phone Number

Quick tip: Watch out for repetition of specific words, as well as “crutches” like sentence and paragraph structure. Algeria Phone Number 7. Read your workout out loud I’ve advocated this technique in several articles in the past, but it’s really a great way to catch mistakes or areas for .. When you’re done with a first draft, take some time (I find a few hours or afternoons are the bare minimum), then come back and read the article aloud. Algeria Phone Number. In fact, sit down and say every word you’ve written out loud. It sounds crazy and potentially embarrassing (and it can be), but it will highlight every awkward turn of that will sound as awkward in your reader’s mind as it does out loud.

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