As said above, Google’s desire is to include more and more the satisfaction of Internet users. And therefore the user experience within its algorithm ! Thus, the Core Web Vitals update of June 2021 relies on specific indicators to indicate concrete possibilities to improve UX. But it also allows Google to rely on these same indicators for its own relevance calculations. In other words, since June 2021, Google is theoretically and technically able to rank websites according to criteria related to user experience. In reality, the Core Web Vitals are not a very important criterion for your SEO: since their arrival, the changes to the SERPs have been very few. However, we still advise you to work on improving the Core Web Vitals and therefore your CLS score, in particular because they are very important for the User eXperience.

Unlike SEO, the field of user experience is very strongly impacted by phenomena such as the movement of elements. Recurring problems Cape Verde Email List related to the CLS are, for example, erroneous clicks caused by the unexpected movement of elements. This type of error greatly disturbs the user, especially on mobile. This results in a feeling of frustration and therefore a rapid increase in the bounce rate. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to improve your CLS score. Website analysis with web core vitalsThe Core Web Vitals tab of Semrush’s site audit gives you plenty of tips to improve each metric.

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what impact in SEO?

It is also capable of crawling your entire site at once, which saves you a lot of time. Previously, we said that indicators like the CLS were little used by Google to determine the quality of a page. One of the reasons for Google’s choice is that these metrics are just what they are: metrics. In summary, a high CLS does not necessarily mean that it is unpleasant to browse your site. You have to distinguish between positive and negative layout shifts. Here, it is above all the expectations of the Internet user that must be taken into account . Indeed, in itself, a shift is only negative if it surprises the user .

For example, if a user clicks a button to pull down a menu, and the menu displays a loading icon while the menu is loading, then there is a lag due to the icon appearing. However, as the user expected to see the icon displayed, the offset from the rest of the page is no problem for him. In addition, it intervenes only following its request (it is indeed the user who clicked) and therefore, this shift cannot be harmful. So do not focus only on the figure given by the CLS and take the reflex to always compare this data with a precise analysis of your web page! In the same way, if a feature of your web page necessarily requires a displacement of the elements located under this one.

what impact on the User eXperience?

The best choice is to bet on the comprehension of the user by making move the elements gradually, as in an animation. . To do this, use the “transform” property in your CSS files to force the elements to move more slowly. Plan in advance the space occupied by the elements Unexpected and unpleasant movements of the elements of your web page are caused by the appearance of other elements, located above them. So, one of the easiest ways to avoid this inconvenience is to plan in advance some space, which will serve as a reservoir to place any element that would load after the others.

In this way, the user’s browser is able to calculate the space that the element will take up when it has loaded: it can therefore continue to place the other elements lower on the page, in the right places. Generally, this is a widely used practice by sites that display advertisements on their site. Concrete example of CLS with Femme Actuelle Above, a concrete example with Cuisine Actuelle. In order to avoid any shift in the content of the site following the appearance of an advertisement at the top of the page, the site has decided to predict the future location of the advertisement by first displaying a white rectangle, which is replaced by the advertisement once it has loaded.

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