A friend invite offer: Knowing the power of word-of-mouth. Bloom & Wild provide customers with an “invite a friend” offer with double-sided rewards—both customers and their friend will receive £10 credit. With your ecommerce email campaigns, analyze your sales process and think about opportunities. For your customers to invite their friends—and give them an incentive to do so. Pro Direct Soccer is the world’s largest online

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Football store and regularly emails its customers with offers and new product releases. The below email is one that Pro Direct Soccer sent to announce the launch of a Bolivia Phone Number new adidas football boot. It uses scarcity and exclusivity perfectly to entice the recipient into Bolivia Phone Number making a purchase. Screenshot showing an email by ProDirect First, the subject line “Exclusive To You!” encourages the recipient to open the email to see what the exclusive is. Screenshot showing an email Second, when the buyer knows that the

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Item is only available from Pro Direct Soccer, it creates a reason for them to buy immediately. Screenshot showing an “only at P” logo When crafting offer or launch emails to your list, think about ways to create reasons for them to purchase right away. This could be: A limited-time offer (closes at 10:00 tonight) A low-stock warning (only 100 available) An indication of demand (sold out in 24 hours previously) 6. TRIBE’S SCARCITY EMAIL Tribe, a nutrition company from the UK, often runs flash sales and offers.

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