Events are places of gathering. But where do we also meet? Via mobile applications. Some have understood that combining the two would bring benefits. We explain which ones. This is the principle of an event application or App Event. Summary  How to make people want to download it? Examples of mobile event applications India Phone Number List produced by SQUIRREL The French Tennis Federation SportelApp International Games Broadcast Services PickEasy Evendia How will SQUIRREL help me make a difference? Your project, Our expertise! Don’t miss our next projects Whether it is a festival, a trade fair, a fair, or other, dedicating a mobile application to them provides advantages for both the organizers and the participants.

Indeed, on the one hand, a mobile application is part of your marketing / communication strategy. In this sense, you increase the visibility of your event. In addition, the event application: gathers the practical information of your event (access map, timetables, program, etc.). facilitates networking and content sharing, thus broadening the reach of your event. offers additional space to your partners. allows you to have a detailed statistical follow-up of your event, in particular in relation to the data that your participants will agree to transmit to you. Or by asking them for feedback (votes, satisfaction surveys). After analysis, you will know what (dis) pleased, which target was more present …


Why Create An Event Application Or App Event?

You will therefore be able to adapt your future events. Thanks to the notification system, you can notify your attendees of changes to your event . Also, reminders can be sent to them at key times so that they can use the application (eg: “Share your best photo!”, Etc.). The little extra: Because an event doesn’t stop when its doors close, the best way to keep it going afterwards is with a mobile application. It can rebroadcast D-Day videos or be reused in subsequent editions. How to make people want to download it? For your visitors, this is another form of engagement with your event, besides their physical participation. With an application, you offer them a unique and personalized customer experience. Indeed, they pass from the status of spectator to that of actor!

But how do you convince them to adopt it? First and foremost, you must promote it: via mailing, posters, TV and radio advertising, social media campaigns. Otherwise, the app will go unnoticed. The little extra: To create more envy, offer good deals (discounts, freebies) to those who install the app. Then, it must provide added value. In other words, content not available on the website of your event. Communicate about it! Share features that interest your attendees. Mobile payment, check-in … Examples of mobile event applications produced by SQUIRREL Find below different mobile applications made by our agency SQUIRREL .

How To Make People Want To Download It?

The French Tennis Federation Event application French Tennis Federation For the Roland Garros tennis tournament organized by the French Tennis Federation , we have developed an Android Event App linked to the Honeywell Dolphin phone. The latter is equipped with a barcode reader and thus made it possible to scan entry tickets. The application made it possible to indicate the validity of the entry ticket and to direct the user to the correct entrance to the stadium. SportelApp Sportel is a business convention for the international sports marketing and media sector. It is the main and the most influential. Each year, the industry’s elite meet at Sportel (in Asia and Monaco) to determine how the sport is marketed and seen in the media. SportelApp is its event application.

It serves as an interactive guide with practical information (how to get there, information on speakers, upcoming events, etc.). Event mobile application Ecran-d_accueil-sportel Profile-user-Sportel event application Sportel-screen-user Parameters-Sportel Presentation-Sportel Messaging-Sportel Sportel-news-screen Event mobile application Ecran-d_accueil-sportel Profile-user-Sportel event application Previous Following International Games Broadcast Services IGBS provides top level host broadcast services to the organizers of major multi-sport games around the world. Its objective is to transmit the highest possible television and radio coverage during events. The app IGBS needed had to synchronize all the contacts present during the events.


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