In some cases, shorter videos are more effective than longer videos . In other cases, it is the opposite. As figures from the International France WhatsApp Number List Bureau of Advertising show, 10-second videos perform better with younger demographics . Additionally, research also shows that vertical video ads perform best on Facebook , compared to square or landscape ads. According to Buffer, vertical videos on Facebook cost 68% less per view. It has also been shown that internet users prefer video ads not to be too intrusive .

Thus, silent video ads with subtitles whose soundtrack needs to be turned on are better received by users. When it comes to placement, streaming is the best solution . Additionally, authenticity and immersive content are still extremely effective. 4. Advertising auctions are getting smarter with emerging technologies. According to eMarketer, digital advertising spending is expected to reach $ 517.5 billion in 2023 . Google, the world’s largest digital ad seller in 2019, accounted for 31.1% of global ad spend, equivalent to $ 103.73 billion. Facebook was number 2 with $ 67.37 billion in net ad revenue and Alibaba was number 3 with $ 29.20 billion..

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Over The Past Decades, Companies Have Migrated To Digital To Harness Technological

In this context, budget efficiency is essential because brands must select the advertiser who gives the best results. To become more competitive, Google has started to introduce machine learning into its automatic auction system to achieve smart auctions capable of optimizing conversions. And by 2024, more than 50% of ad consumers will be influenced by Artificial Emotional Intelligence . 5. Chatbots bring not only responsiveness but also personalization and uniqueness. According to the Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019 , the average wait time (the length of time a visitor waits until an agent joins the chat) is 48 seconds.

If they are asked to wait longer, they tend to leave the chat. This again shows that users have become accustomed to fast and easy communication . Based on complex algorithms, chatbots are faster at finding information, identifying and consuming user patterns. And they can handle an unlimited number of requests . In addition, an AI chatbot is able to anticipate behavior : it knows when the user leaves your site, places an order or needs help. This way, it is easier to place targeted marketing and improve efficiency. Source: Sephora adopts AI Chatbot to deliver fast service across multiple channels. A chatbot offers real-time shopping assistance, like the one customers receive in-store.

Digital Marketing Trends Are Constantly Changing The Luxury Industry , Brands, Consumers And Influencers.

In a world where consumers have a plethora of options with a single click, brand loyalty is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. This particularly applies to the luxury industry, where companies must compete to establish their identity and constantly express their style and communicate their vision to the public. The research results revealed a rather positive attitude of consumers. According to a survey, 70% of millennials have had positive chatbot experiences and 90% of businesses have faster complaint resolutions using bots.

More than half of the companies surveyed agreed that a chatbot offers significant ROI with minimal effort , while a similar percentage identifies artificial intelligence as a relevant tool for creating a ‘customer-centric culture’ . Additionally, the Hubspot survey that delves deeper into the conversion potential of bots reports that 47% of respondents said they were willing to make a purchase with the help of a chatbot . 6. Marketing is moving towards martech. Today, it is no longer possible to talk about marketing without addressing the wide range of tools and channels that make it possible to engage and convert. Research confirms that spending on marketing technology increased 22% in 2019 and the future of the industry looks bright.

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