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You Must Now Choose The Application For Which You Want To See The Number Of Downloads.

After launching an application, it is essential to monitor the progress of downloads. You can see these numbers whether on PlayStore or the App Store. Follow this guide on how to check your app’s download count on iOs and Android. Summary Check the number of downloads of your app on the App Store Do you like our tutorials? Follow us so as not to miss the next ones! Check the number of downloads of your app on the App Store The first step is to go to developer apple com and sign in to your account. Connection to Apple Developer When you arrive on the main page of your account, you will see different icons in order to access all your applications. You can also see the key figures for your app in “app analysis”.

There is also data on sales, trends, payments and financial reports. Indeed, you can generate a report directly on the platform. Home Apple Developer Then, you have to go to “My apps” to select the application for which you want to see the information. My apps on apple developer When you select an app, details about that app appear. You must then go to “Information about the app”. See my app on Apple Developer The first two tabs allow you to have an overview on the performance of the application and the indicators. By clicking on preview you can see on the first line “number of apps per source”. To start, you have to choose the period for which you want to see the figures. To do this, you must select the blue tab at the top right (screenshot below).

Check The Number Of Downloads Of Your Android App

The first number circled in blue then represents the number of downloads during the chosen period. Then there are the numbers that help understand how people downloaded the app. First, there is the “search in the App Store”, which means that people have typed the name of your application directly into the search bar of the App Store. Then “Referring app” means that the person first searched for another app and then your app appeared as a similar app. Then there is the share of downloads from your website. And finally, there’s the number of times the app has appeared when a user entered a query into the search bar. Number of downloads on Apple Developer The “Indicators” tab allows you to observe the evolution of the number of downloads of your application during the selected period.

In the capture below, we can see that there has been a drop in downloads of the app: Figures on Apple Developer To see the data concerning your app on the Play Store, you must first go to Google Play Console and connect to your account. Once on the home page, you can then consult all your applications.  All your apps on Play Store When you have chosen the application, you must then go to the dashboard. In this table, the key performance indicators are presented (capture below). At the top right, you can select the period for which you want to see the numbers.

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