Burberry also took the same opportunity to make public its own chatbot that even allowed users to purchase items in the Messenger app. Over the following years, more and more high-end brands began to test chatbots. While luxury brands Vietnam WhatsApp Number List like Audemars Piguet have taken advantage of this technology to showcase their history, values ​​and mission, others like Estee Lauder and Levi’s have implemented it to offer further assistance. and improve the customer experience.

In recent years, as the idea of ​​using an AI chatbot has gained more attention, marketers and digital strategists have started to develop more complex roles for them and build platforms around this technology in order to maximize the benefits in terms of user experience, customer perception and conversions. Chatbot examples: not only a question of responsiveness but also of personalization and uniqueness Jet black: the IA concierge for shopping at Walmart US retailer Walmart has made the decision to break into the high-end segment by targeting high-income New Yorkers with a concierge service that aims to combine the best of both worlds: the beauty of an e-commerce experience.

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carefully designed and the benefits of personal shopping . This is how Jet black was born: a platform that uses AI chatbots as well as professional buyers to deliver a premium shopping experience. The subscription platform launched in 2018 targets parents who don’t have time to shop and rely on the concierge to get things done. The dedicated AI chatbot is able to place orders for them or send them a selection of items to choose from based on a short note the user enters, a photo of what they are looking for or requests even more complex.

To optimize the experience, each new subscriber is invited to make a start-up phone call to one of the Jet black representatives or to receive a visit from a Jet black representative who comes to photograph and scan the products used by the household. The platform launched only in Manhattan and Brooklyn already has a long waiting list and generates enormous interest around the world. Threads Styling: optimized and personalized luxury purchases thanks to chatbots How can chatbots revolutionize your business? 1 Source: official website of Threads Styling Threads Styling is the global pioneer of chat-commerce.

This multi-million dollar luxury company has disrupted the fashion experience as we know it. Using both style advisors and AI chatbots, the company offers high-end audiences a new and exceptional customer experience that refines the relationship between luxury brands and their customers, allowing users to order through platforms. like Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat and iMessenger. Without having a dedicated website or app, Threads Styling uses channels consumers have already developed relationships with to promote and launch products, while its human consultants stand ready to respond to the proactive demands of customers looking for a item out of stock or discontinued.

The company targets high-end millennials and Gen Zers who play a huge role in reshaping consumer trends . The service has even gained ground with older and less digitized demographics. The average order value is £ 2,600 and the most expensive item ever purchased through the service sold for almost $ 1 million , according to The Telegraph . Threads Styling is now in partnership with many luxury brands like Bulgari, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Jimmy Choo.

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