Do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of a dedicated demonstration and request an estimate for a 3D configurator tailored to your image.Adding augmented reality technology, it even becomes possible to virtually integrate this chandelier into its future exhibition space. Enough to allow the client to fully project himself into his project. We thus manage to recreate on a computer screen, a tablet or a smartphone, the emotion which was until now the prerogative of the physical object. Finally, the design thinking approach is also and above all a guarantee of performance.

Its results are perfectly measurable. Thus, the Rouge G range from Guerlain, which has been using the Hapticmedia 3D virtualization tool for Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List a few months now, has obtained the 2nd highest conversion rate on the brand’s website!This high-end brand wanted to offer its customers an engaging user experience that allows handbag aficionadas to co-create items that match their own lifestyle. To achieve this goal, Lolo Chatenay cooperated with Hapticmedia and launched a 3D bag configurator.

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With this advanced 3D CPQ tool, bag lovers can now begin their digital shopping journey by choosing their preferred sizes and styles, then focus on colors, fabrics and decorative elements. With each change, the price adjusts , allowing users to see how each choice affects the overall quote and to decide accordingly. Augmented reality is now widely adopted, especially by the luxury industry, as an effective tool for improving customer relations and thus increasing online sales. Where the customer used to shop for the most attractive brand, they now scour the web looking for the e-commerce sites that will give them the best experience.

Just like in brick-and-mortar stores, presentation plays a crucial role in the performance of e-commerce platforms . If they fail to provide an adequate shopping experience, customers may leave the site after a few seconds, since they have a plethora of other options just a click away. In 2017, a study conducted by Saetang concluded that a good customer experience , in addition to encouraging customers to buy the products, also makes them want to share the site with other users. It is therefore vital to design your e-commerce site so that it is not only eye-catching, but also offers the best possible user interaction to optimize customer engagement.

How does augmented reality work? Augmented reality has been a subject of growing interest for several decades. In a 2012 study, Berryman indicates that the term “augmented reality” was coined by Tom Caudell and David Mizell in 1990, but that the concept of augmented reality is older . In a 2014 article, Mekni and Lemieux define augmented reality as a technology that combines the characteristics of reality and virtuality to achieve an interactive 3D product presentation . The four main components that any augmented reality setup requires are: displays, input devices, tracking, and computers.

However, the way these components are assembled can vary depending on the needs of the application. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not immerse the user in a virtual environment, but adds connectivity to the real world by superimposing virtual objects on it . In a 2019 article, Tim Perdue notes that augmented reality can be applied to various types of industries , including military or medical, shipping, tourism, advertising and promotion. In the military sector, augmented reality is used to facilitate soldiers’ maneuvers by allowing them to be viewed quickly in order to avoid any distraction.

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