Continuous site monitoring You have an idea and you want to launch your mobile application and are looking for a mobile development agency , contact us! PsyApps is a start-up within the Technopole Réunion incubator founded by Bahrain Phone Numbers List 3 partners: A psychologist, project leader and director of PsyApps: Mr. David DAT A computer engineer A community manager It was in 2014, during his Masters in psychology, that David DAT had the idea of ​​developing an application that would collect the patient’s experience and organize it in graphical form. It would then be possible to have a synthetic view of the client, but also to follow his evolution, throughout his care.

The app could also be used as a personal development tool for individuals. digital agency mobile development ios android Split information A pragmatic spirit and a need for efficiency are two elements that pushed David DAT to develop his application. Indeed, he explains that today, client information is divided, because it is shared between the different professionals, the practitioner’s notes, and his memory. This segmentation is very bad for the establishment of diagnostic hypotheses. It was therefore necessary to find a way to bring together real clinical psychology concepts and tools, in order to make them available to Psych professionals.

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digital agency mobile development ios android The choice to call on Squirrel Looking for a “serious company” which would develop their application, and a reactive developer who would understand the problem and who would get involved in their project, the 3 collaborators were attracted by the sympathy and the confidence shown by Thomas, CTO and general manager of Squirrel Meeting. The price / quality ratio was also a key factor in their decision. The obtained results Squirrel was able to meet the challenges of PsyApps and supported them in the development of two mobile applications: PsyLife and PsyOrganizer . PsyLife digital agency mobile development ios android PsyLife is an application allowing Psychologists to manage interviews with their patients and to retrace key periods of their pasts.

PsyOrganizer digital agency mobile development ios android PsyOrganizer allows you to create visual anamnesis and develop synthetic diagnoses. It thus allows manage several places of activities to plan appointments more easily and view organized patient data. What they take away from this experience According to David, it was “a pleasure to work together”. Shared pleasure ! Squirrel is proud to have been able to participate in this innovative project and to have contributed to the development of the Start-up PsyApps. Find the PsyLife and PsyOrganizer applications in the “Our achievements” section. The catering sector is getting up to date, with the use of mobile applications. On the menu today, we have concocted the recipe for this success.

Second, M Commerce Is Mostly Driven By Mobile Applications Which Confer Undeniable Advantages For Businesses

Here are the ingredients: Summary Which application (s) to develop for my restaurant? Some features to integrate The advantages of a mobile application in the catering industry Who has already chosen to develop an application in this field with Squirrel? Mezzo Di Pasta, fast food chain SPEED RABBIT PIZZA, fast food chain Boulom, bakery-restaurant The bill please ! Which application (s) to develop for my restaurant? There are many mobile applications that can be used in the restaurant industry. – First, a business application for taking orders.

This requires that you equip your servers with tablets. This application can also be broken down into an application intended for your customers, on which they will reserve their table and place their order themselves. – Loyalty program application: How often do your customers lose their card? With this solution, no more unpleasant surprises! – Payment application: As cash will disappear in favor of cashless money, you might as well go about it in advance by setting up a reliable and fast means of mobile payment for your customers! – ” Directory ” application which allows you to list all the restaurants in a zone, or to locate all the restaurants in a chain.

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