The reason for this attraction to omnichannel is quite intuitive: Customers need consistent and authentic interaction both online and offline. What they value in a brand is not the channel per se, but the consistency of service, tone and approach . According to Deloitte, as retail grows and omnichannel becomes the norm, supply Uruguay Phone Number List chains also need to be reorganized to ensure fast and flawless service. Since the services are a major differentiator in the eyes of omnicanaux buyers , brands must offer periods short delivery, customer service excellence and convenience .

Physical commerce: the future will be Phygital! 2 As companies like Amazon continually raise the bar for speed of delivery, brands that depend on traditional supply chains face even greater transformation demand. They must take a customer-centric approach and enable them to identify and access the right products at the right time while ensuring quality and reducing costs. Automation at all levels: data, personalization, logistics, connected inventory Data automation to digitize and automate transactions Big Data, smart factories, 3D technology, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, robots, advanced algorithms, machine learning – the 4th industrial revolution is unfolding before our eyes .

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It redefines production methods and opens up new possibilities for customers to research, interact and buy. As one would hope, Industry 4.0 allows companies to digitize and automate their activities . Reducing human intervention in real production processes increases both productivity and profits. On the one hand, digitization makes it possible to exploit Big Data through advanced analytics. Collecting information on consumer behavior from multiple points of contact enables more accurate and personalized services to be provided. Furthermore, the data enables companies to connect all phases of the value chain and to transfer information from downstream to upstream and vice versa.

Finally, the rapid and efficient exchange and processing of information through automation enables companies to create a fluid ecosystem. Each element is tightly connected and valued and new processes are executed successfully, increasing the efficiency of the entire system. Mass customization made easy: a touch of personalization increases willingness to pay. The technologies for personalizing recommendations based on browsing history and user profiles are acquired and are no longer the news in the world of marketing. What is now secretly driving the luxury sector is the ability for customers to interact and personalize products online through mass personalization.

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Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! According to Forbes Insights, 40% of marketers say personalization has a direct impact on maximizing sales, cart size, and profit in direct-to-consumer channels, such as e-commerce. And 37% of them report increased sales and lifetime customer value through product recommendations or content generation. More than a third of respondents have seen an increase in the frequency of transactions thanks to personalization strategies.

That’s why brands are now implementing new technologies to allow customers to personalize products on their e-commerce platforms in a completely simple and automatic process that increases engagement and revenue . Process optimization to improve efficiency and reduce costs Automation speeds up processes and makes them more efficient, generating synergy between departments and channels. This ultimately leads to a reduction in operating costs and human resources. Companies around the world are trying to integrate new technologies to automate as many levels of manufacturing, packaging and shipping as possible. Amazon is at the forefront of this transition.

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