In the context of marketing, the notion of omnichannel is defined as “ an integrated approach to sales aimed at offering the customer or prospect a transparent, fluid and uniform experience through the various channels, whether the latter is in a sales situation. static line PC type, mobile smartphone type or even in a physical point of sale ” This approach differs from that of the multichannel where each communication medium is Paraguay WhatsApp Number List treated independently, by its own strategy, according to a silo approach. Omnichannel is part of a corporate strategy aimed at integrating all channels, platforms, media, resources and tools to gain and generate synergies.

The omnichannel designs the customer approach by taking into account its cross-browsing experiences among different platforms which it accesses by means of several fixed and mobile terminals. The objective is the alignment of strategy, flows, tools and approaches to ensure that each channel is complementary to the others. All the channels thus forming a common thread without discontinuity, in the service of the achievement of the strategic objectives of the company. Physical points of sale (in-store marketing) are complementary to e-commerce platforms accessible from any type of terminal, offering the customer on the one hand an experience lived by the senses in physical points of sale coupled with advantages and comfort of a digital experience.

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As a concrete example of the implementation of the complementarity of these two channels, we can find proposals for geo-dependent services or even innovative e-commerce solutions such as augmented reality . Mobile apps add value by providing the customer with a conscious browsing experience through the interactions of their fingers with the screen. The power of social media weighs on the bottom line as well. Sharing inspiring and stimulating content on these media promotes repetitive purchases and invites customers to share photos, videos, hashtags, feedback and recommendations about the brands they have liked.

Promotion campaigns based on advertising spot methods, inbound marketing, optimization of web referencing, classic newsletter or email marketing methods, creation of networks of representatives and partners, SMS campaigns, telephone canvassing or notifications push are all likely to positively promote the brand and its products. There are still ten years, it is by hand that the designers of the illustrious house of crystal Baccarat drew their incredible chandeliers. Since then, 3D technology has replaced the pencil in design offices. Today, a new small revolution is taking place in this institution born over 150 years ago: 3D virtualization. Because personalization has always been a strong marker in Baccarat’s DNA, the latter wanted to simplify access to this experience and enrich it.

A successful bet with the complicity and expertise of Hapticmedia. Now in store, from a simple iPad, Baccarat sellers design with their customers and in a few clicks, truly unique chandeliers. Excellence, the common thread of an ambitious digital project The products imagined and designed by the Baccarat house are real design treasures. Thought out down to the smallest detail, sometimes made up of thousands of pieces and crystals, they are appreciated by aesthetes the world over. The personalization of these gems is a strong trend at Baccarat, which has recorded a 20% increase in this type of demand in stores, especially in chandeliers.

Our obsession, by launching this project, was to manage to transcribe the emotion of an exceptional product through digital media. A real feat on a product that presents several million possibilities of personalization, underlines Sophie Cotelle, director of the Baccarat collections. These requests are taken care of by the in-store sales advisers. On simple paper reproductions, they manually specify the customer’s personalization wishes. However, this method remains approximate. Above all, it does not allow one to truly project oneself into the final object. This is why Maison Baccarat wanted to increase this co-creation experience thanks to our digital tool.

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