Before deciding which games to partner with, marketers should do their research, understand esports, and know user reviews. Once all the risks have been assessed, a reliable strategy can be established. Integrate esports marketing into a larger digital strategy. Esport marketing is not an end in itself, but an orientation, an element of a global strategy Canada WhatsApp Number List that combines partnerships and digital and irl initiatives . To be successful, esports marketing must employ digital tools that attract and engage consumers by highlighting brand values, product qualities, and driving conversions. This is why it is necessary to combine esport marketing with immersive technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality .

Strategically used, these tools direct players to D2C platforms that deploy 3D configurators and offer customization services . The Hapticmedia solution: a 3D lipstick configurator for Guerlain, which has multiplied e-commerce conversion rates by 3. Check out more customer projects here . At Hapticmedia, we are extremely keen to help luxury marketers increase their sales. And we do! – by creating visualizers and configurators of 3D products for brands like Guerlain, Kenzo, Schmidt, etc. Contact us now: we have already had great success with Guerlain, Piaget, Kenzo, Nestlé, Baume & Mercier! Currently, an increasing number of retailers and businesses are optimizing their platforms with the use of 3D technology.

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With The One Restriction That Sketchfab Only Does In Enterprise Mode.

The global 3D modeling market reached $ 5.310 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $ 17.292 billion by 2023 . And although there is still a lot of work to be done, 3D modeling has become essential. 3D configuration services combined with 3D modeling, interactive product visualization, and mass customization will dramatically increase customer engagement and hence e-commerce conversion rates. Do not miss this opportunity ! Hapticmedia has over 15 years of expertise in the 3D modeling, visualization and configuration industry, supported and covered by LVMH, Forbes, Les Echos, Le Point, BFMTV.

Contact us now to discover the visible improvement we can bring to you! At Hapticmedia, we understand that our clients have a wide range of options when it comes to building their own online 3D product configurator for e-commerce. And choosing between these options can seem difficult and even intimidating, especially if you don’t have all the information you need. Making such a choice is tricky because you need to make sure you find the service that best meets your needs and allows you to optimize efforts and costs to deliver the best results.

Global Customer Approach Since Diy Plans Are An Important Component Of Their Proposal, Sketchfab Offers Its Clients Autonomy And Indepen

To cover frequently asked questions and help you identify the best provider, we analyzed the Sketchfab and Wanadev offerings and compared them to Hapticmedia’s. The table below gives a quick comparison of these brands. For a more in-depth look, read on for our full review. Comparison of offers First, DIY options are offered by Hapticmedia and Sketchfab but not by Wanadev . At the same time, full packages are available on Hapticmedia and Wanadev, but not on Sketchfab .

Specifically, the Hapticmedia and Sketchfab platforms offer support for DIY options : brands can use their existing 3D models or purchase one from banks and dedicated platforms to create their signature designs. If you are looking for a complete package , you can find it on Hapticmedia or on Wanadev. Hapticmedia provides comprehensive, highly customizable packages including 3D modeling, visualization, integration, configuration, customization and one-on-one customer support, tailor-made for each customer. DIY or complete package: does your brand already have enough powerful 3D models? It is fundamental to emphasize this difference because it is the most important consideration in the decision-making process.

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