Unlike the copyright applicable in France and Belgium, a deposit is necessary in order to assert it in the United States. Works that have been deposited by their author can then display the © symbol. The © symbol must be followed by the year of publication and the name of the author or company from which the copyright was deposited . Copyright is Belgium Email List authorized in France insofar as it applies to any work concerned for copyright. You can also find the words “all rights reserved” instead of copyright. However, the addition of these mentions does not provide any legal protection in France, they only allow the public to be informed that the work is indeed subject to copyright. Warning: do not confuse copyright with legal notices .

Copyright Copyright in website creation When creating a website , it is customary to display a copyright at the bottom of the page. However, the absence of the symbol and its copyright notice does not mean that the work is not protected. Indeed, all the elements present on the Internet (texts, images , videos, sound clips, computer codes…) are de facto subject to copyright, even if access is free, free and without special mention. In conclusion, you can always display a copyright if you wish, it will only have an informative role and can be dissuasive for some. Your creation will be protected by copyright anyway. Learn more about copyright: Copyright automatically covers works: literary, artistic, factual, informational, and audio-visual. As a branch of law, copyright is one of the essential elements of intellectual property and literary and artistic property, which also includes “neighboring rights”.

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How to explain this phenomenon ?

The generalization of Green It seems more and more necessary, for vital, economic and environmental reasons. Ecolabels exist in the IT field, such as EnergyStar, Blue Angel, the European eco-label. green-it-anthedesign To conclude, The consequences of the development of computer systems are increasingly measured, thanks to an environmental awareness accompanied by an economic crisis. Companies and communities experience high energy consumption and ICTs must meet new requirements for sustainable development. The question of the negative consequences of ICTs on the environment arouses the interest of many researchers in ecology, philosophy and computer science !! Thousands of very curious videos have been flooding the Internet for a few weeks.

A real epidemic !! Everyone is doing it: students, companies, politicians, the army… Everyone is dancing the Harlem Shake… But where does the harlem shake come from? What does it symbolize? maker-studios-harlem-shake The Harlem Shake? You necessarily know! The Harlem Shake is the heir to * lipdub, which has “sowed terror” for 5 years in open-plan spaces ( * Video made in playback by collaborators within the professional environment and intended for distribution on the Internet ). The Harlem Shake has appeared in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. Young people got together and created this dance allowing them to express themselves, to recount situations belonging to everyday life in the street. This dance consists of moving the bust without particular choreography. In a few weeks thousands of videos have arrived on the web contributing to this delusional phenomenon.

The Harlem Shake? You necessarily know!

This new fashion, a worldwide phenomenon, comes from the production of a wacky video of people dancing to electronic music by American DJ BAAUER. Certain rules must be observed: The video must be produced in 2 parts, lasting 30 seconds. The first 15 seconds show a person most often masked, dancing in an odd situation. When the chorus of the song starts, the other people in the room, in disguise or naked, start dancing frantically. dj-baauer-Harlem-shake The 1 st video titled ‘Do The Harlem Shake v1’ was uploaded by a Japanese videographer named Filthy Franck, on February 2, 2013. The same day a second video was posted on the Internet, created by an Australian group. To date, there are already over 100,000 Harlem Shakes on the net !! The magic of the web operates and this phenomenon becomes a real epidemic !!

Harlem-Shake-V1 How to explain this phenomenon? This completely crazy, hysterical dance has actually been around for a long time. It is a kind of modern carnival on a planetary scale. The media characterize this phenomenon of collective enforcement which breaks the established order to simulate chaos. An article published in the Nouvel Observateur on February 17, 2013, entitled ‘The Harlem Shake’ , written by a semiologist (the science of signs), provides an in-depth analysis: “On closer inspection, past the amused surprise of the discovery, a feeling of unease sets in. Do these dancing people all live isolated in a world of their own? Is this the image of today’s society and the relations between its members?

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