To your marketing campaign and you tell us what you want its vacation. Spot to be We cannot forestall bringing out new. Novelties! The ultimate one has to do with the links of your campaigns. We have constantly provided you a URL in your campaign. That continually led to your Facebook tab , in the occasion that it was a contest. Or promotion on Facebook , or to a microsite , when the marketing. Campaign was on other social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram , or you were surfing from mobile

devices. However, now we’ve thought that you could prefer to direct the URL of your marketing campaign to some other website, for example, to your website, if you have protected your merchandising, contest or questionnaire on your web page. In this way you’ll take the individuals directly to your websitewithout the need to undergo an intermediate touchdown. How does it work? You simply have to inform us what you want the destination of your campaign URL to be within the configuration form of your Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label inside the « Basic statistics »

Segment And The Url

of your campaign will take your site visitors anyplace we want. Suggest. Promotion vacation spot URL If you do now not check any of the alternatives, by using default the URL will continually lead to the microsite , due to the fact that any of the Georgia whatsapp number list contests or promotions which you create in Cool Tabs will usually have their microsite, but they may now not always be published in a Facebook tab . In this manner the URL that we will offer you will visit your site. For instance this Cool Tabs URL :  that’s in which we’ve included considered one of our demo quizzes. We handiest needed to include the URL of

Georgia whatsapp number list

our blog as an outside URL in « Destination URL «. Advantages of choosing the vacation spot of your campaign URL If you choose the microsite alternative, you can get the following advantages: Create an unbiased marketing campaign, but along with your branding : You can customise your advertising, contest, raffle or questionnaire to the maximum and hold it unbiased from the relaxation of the media within your attain to exactly obtain diffusion from all media to the new microsite. It also permits you to have your campaign posted in a Facebook tab and/or in your internet site : You are honestly deciding on

To Direct Most Of Your Traffic

to the microsite of your new campaign. Ideal for generating leads with brand campaigns that may have a distinctive ‘ look and feel’ than your internet site . If you pick the tab option of your Facebook web page , the advantages would be the following: Create a campaign for Facebook users without leaving the social network environment : The quality option when your primary objective is to capture and hold users in this social network. Your campaign may also be to be had in your microsite for those users who get right of entry to it from cell devices .

You can also include it on your blog or website to pressure visitors out of your media for your Facebook web page . If you choose the outside URL alternative due to the fact you’ve got inserted your marketing campaign in your website / blog, you may gain the following blessings: Have your campaign posted on Facebook , however direct most of your visits to your internet site : You can submit your marketing campaign on Facebook for the fans of your fan page ,

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