This practice of Digital Marketing helps you guide your actions efficiently towards the results you hope to obtain. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the conversion funnel, how to create it, the best strategies you can use at each stage of the funnel and we show you the difference that exists with the digital sales funnel. Join us! What is the conversion funnel? What is the difference between the conversion funnel and the sales funnel? Why should we use a conversion funnel? What are the stages of the conversion funnel? How to create an effective conversion funnel in 3 steps?

Digital Marketing Strategies for each stage of the funnel Recommendations to take into account in your funnel What is the conversion funnel? The conversion funnel, also known as the conversion Anguilla Email List  is a methodology used in digital marketing to try to determine the steps that a user has to follow to meet a goal. This goal, i.e. conversion , can be, for example, to download relevant material or to register for the next webinar.

The conversion funnel will help you identify the flow of users that access your platform and progress until the specified objective is achieved, so that the process of generating business opportunities can be optimized more and more . What is the difference between the conversion funnel and the sales funnel? Despite the great similarity, the conversion funnel is not the same as the sales funnel , although in many cases it is common to use them as synonyms.

When we talk about funnel or conversion funnel we refer to an objective that is not necessarily the purchase, but just an action. The sales funnel includes the path that a user follows from their initial contact until the purchase is made . On the other hand, the conversion funnel includes the user’s path from their first contact to the conversion, that is, the objective proposed by your business , which can be any action within your website or blog. As you can see, they are two similar concepts, the difference between the conversion funnel and the sales funnel is that in the first the objective is not the sale itself, while in the second it is. Why should we use a conversion funnel? Basically, a conversion funnel helps you target your actions on your website or blog towards the results you are looking for.

It allows you to plan so that you can achieve more and more conversions. Look at some of the most important reasons: You simplify the path of users to conversion, this means that you optimize your work to achieve faster results; your blog or website will be made to generate conversions .

All of your actions will have the goal of conversion in mind; you focus on users who are more prone to conversion, offering a more personalized experience ; you understand your users better and can use the data generated to further optimize your future actions; you get better results with your investments, since you have a goal in mind.

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