Had you grown up in the New York metropolitan area some forty-plus years ago, you would remember Sy Syms. The commercials for his eponymous chain of off-price clothing stores ran on TV and radio night and day. According to Wikipedia: “At its height, the chain had 48 locations in thirteen states. On November 2, 2011, Syms Corp., and its subsidiary Filene’s Basement, filed Indonesia Phone Number for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after more than a half a century in the clothing business. Not a bad run at all. But perhaps most impressive is Syms’ philanthropy. He use Indonesia Phone Number a good deal of the personal fortune. He made selling clothes to found the non-profit Sy Syms Foundation. Which has given away more than $30,000,000 toward education, as well as being a major supporter

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Public Radio (NPR). But it’s his catch-phrase that I’m interest in here—the seven-word tagline to all of his advertising. An educated consumer is our best customer.” That simple. It was  the Syms like nothing better than to talk about and explain clothes to the bankers and financiers who frequent his original shop in downtown New York City. Syms believed, I imagine, that educating consumers about the cut, and fabric, and look of the clothes he sold at discount Indonesia Phone Number prices would help him sell. In fact, according to his daughter Marcy in a WSJ article of a few years ago: “[Syms] salespeople are still called ‘educators,’ she says, which follows his habit. ‘He loved to explain the clothes.’ ”

Marketing That Suits Syms Indonesia Phone Number

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Obsession with educating his clients was, in fact, a form of content marketing. Don’t just sell the consumers—educate, inform, and even entertain them with stories and tales and details about clothes. Not all marketers believe in this, but Sy managed to parlay Indonesia Phone Number the concept into a multimillion-dollar clothing empire that is still helping to educate today. TWO: “Want to Read” and “Have to Read. Back in my days as a journalist in the B2B-technology news. Indonesia Phone Number business—that would be at EE Times and other publications (and sites) that were part of the CMP Media stable—I was lucky enough to work with some of the best editors and publishers in the business.

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