Some are extremely passionate, some are indecisive, while others are actually reluctant. Each of these profiles must be guided on their own journey. A carefully designed communication strategy in this direction must be put in place. To achieve this goal, companies must create a business relationship management structure supported Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List by digital talent that facilitates interactions between business units and IT departments and develops digital capabilities of teams. Another important aspect in developing a strong digital culture is to motivate teams to keep an open mind .

Digital transformation is accepted when it is shown that technology is not a goal in itself but a means that helps professionals and companies to optimize processes to achieve their goals. This can be done through examples, case studies or an analytical approach to tasks. Once teams realize that artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and analytics save them time and optimize deliverables, without threatening their jobs or the work environment, they are much more willing to embrace the digital-centric strategy. Marketers must become a key driver of digitization. The report to Get a Seat at the Table, Command Your Customer’s Experience Forrester found that marketing managers are less likely to be the leaders of the digital transformation that their executive peers.

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In fact, as the figures show, only 23% of Marketing Directors are involved in strategy and only 16% in execution , which is significantly less than technology leaders (IT managers, CIOs and DTs), or even than IT managers. CEO, DO and DF. The problem is, when digital transformation is left to CIOs or IT departments, the focus is more on improving efficiency and value for money and less on meeting demands. of the consumer. In this case, a fundamental pillar of digitization is neglected. With the evolution of marketing towards martech, professionals in the field are called upon to use digital tools to create authentic, inspiring and engaging customer moments ,

carefully orchestrated and coordinated, across all channels and media. In addition, they must not only streamline processes, but also generate satisfaction and loyalty which are essential competitive advantages. And it is highly doable when marketers are fully involved and play a leading active role in the digitization journey, as digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword. It is imperative .Even before the COVID-19 crisis, luxury brands had started adopting new channels and tools . This transition is made necessary by the constant evolution of the profile of luxury consumers.

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More and more young , they seek in shopping a striking experience and are in search of products which correspond to the singularity of their values. The outbreak of the pandemic has also had a strong impact on income and disrupted consumer behavior and purchasing habits. Changes in consumer behavior: 6 trends 1. Consumers are more attentive to their spending. According to McKinsey, consumers around the world have seen their income and savings decline . In May, 73% of Brazilians, 70% of Indians, 54% of Chinese, 51% of Italians, 45% of Koreans, 42% of Britons, 38% of Americans and 38% of French people confirmed that their incomes had decreased to cause of the COVID-19 crisis.

While around 15% to 25% of respondents in Italy, UK, US and France tend to be optimistic about a rapid economic recovery, 75% to 85% of them remain mixed or pessimistic and believe the economy will be affected for another 6 to 12 months or more. The Chinese and the Indians have a more positive outlook . In China and India, over 50% expect the economy to rebound within 2-3 months. The Japanese are the most pessimistic. 95% of respondents are uncertain or pessimistic and 35% believe the coronavirus crisis could cause a recession.

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