There is a major hedonistic dimension here, a feeling of rising above the rest of the world. And even if the social markers exist, luxury transcends them, today as yesterday. A new luxury mapping Jean-Noël Kapferer , professor and researcher at HEC Paris , author of the book “Luxe. New challenges, new challengers ”, hypothesizes that the real problem of luxury today is to defend the gap between“ real ”luxury and those who want to be like it. The advent of the consumer society has given citizens in search of comfort the possibility of owning something other than the bare minimum. A more emotional way to buy, which luxury has taken hold of.

Each of us now wants our share of dreams. Thus was born in the 1980s in the United States, the concept of “accessible luxury”, which opened the Argentina WhatsApp Number List door to an extreme segmentation: new luxury, ultra-premium, hyper luxury, masstige, opulux, trading -up, luxury fashion… So many concepts that help to trivialize the word and create confusion in the minds of consumers, who are often unable to distinguish “real” luxury from “fake”. Image credit: Polo Ralph Lauren, Gray Hall spring campaign Accessible luxury uses the markers of traditional luxury: quality materials, neat cuts, but more affordable prices and operates an industrialized distribution.

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It Is Better Known As The Technological Revolution .

In this segment, we find pioneering brands such as Ralph Lauren , Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger , joined since by Comptoir des Cotonniers , Zadig & Voltaire , Maje and Claudie Pierlot , among others. Inspired by their prestigious elders and claiming their accessibility, they invite customers to express their personality through their products. Image credit : Zadig & Voltaire, fall winter 2019 campaign There are also all the “little” designers, halfway between luxury and ready-to-wear. Confidential brands, in which materials, attention to detail, tailor-made and craftsmanship are glorified.

While talking about the democratization of luxury is in itself a paradox, accessible luxury today constitutes 98% of the luxury market. Michelle Chevalier and Gérald Mazzalovo, Luxury Management and Marketing, Dunod, Paris, 2008 The 7 criteria of a luxury item In their 2012 work, Barnier Falcy and Valette-Florence specify a luxury item as: Carrier of emotion, aesthetics, pleasure, a hedonistic experience Qualitative and made to last To be acquired at a price much higher than what its function alone would command Linked to a heritage, a culture, a know-how, a history Available in few well-selected outlets Accompanied by personalized services.

At That Time, Technological Advances Allowed A Considerable Improvement In The Means Of Communication And Transport .

A social marker giving the client an intense feeling of privilege Luxury is becoming fashionable: a shame! Image credit : Adidas x Alexander wang campaign To take their part in this accessible luxury, the big houses occasionally accept collaborations with more popular brands and / or brands who wish to give their consumers, the time of a collection or a limited edition, the illusion of luxury. : Adidas X Alexander Wang, H&M X Karl Lagerfeld, Monoprix X Maison Château Rouge …

Image credit: H&M x Karl Lagerfeld campaign Image credit : monoprix campaign x maison château rouge They also let themselves be tempted by the premium segment, creating new brands to settle there, like Valentino with RedValentino in 2003 or Chloé with See by Chloé in 2002. In an article “The role of perceived value in vertical brand extensions of luxury and premium brands ”published in the Journal of Marketing Management , Dall’Olmo Riley Pina and Bravo warn these players, however, recalling that this downward vertical extension will make customers all the more attentive to the category of products presented, but also that the price difference with the parent brand must not be too great, in order to maintain its luxurious image.

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