Small reminder referring to the article ‘ Connected objects will they change our lives? ‘, published on 06/15/14 in the blog… Each object, of all sizes, has the ability to provide information in real time or not and to send information back to users. The IoT ( Internet of Things ) concept was created to describe this emerging phenomenon. connected objects Five concepts are associated with the connected object: Identification ( example: the barcode of consumer products or the IP addresses of our computers ), Interactivity ( permanent or occasional interconnection between objects ), Sensitivity to its environment ( information given such as geolocation, temperature, humidity, etc. ), Autonomy ( the objects are independent and can interact or be queried with other objects in the network ), Virtual representation (possibility for a program in the cloud to act on behalf of a physical object) .

The connected objects market takes off Connected objects are in vogue, they are multiplying and collecting more and more data Algeria Email List on us, between watches and connected bracelets, the connected objects market is taking off! A Compiégnoise start-up expert in connected objects! Engineers from UTC Compiègne, Thibaud SEVERINI and Vanessa CAIGNAULT set up their start-up Novitact in Compiègne. They develop innovative connected solutions adapted to users by exploiting the sense of touch. They have been awarded several times with different prizes: Finalists in 2012 and 2013 at the ‘European Forum for Innovative Strat ups’. Winner of the 17th edition of the Plug & Start Days, Laureate of the Graines de Boss 2014. They won the 2014 Grand Prix du Printemps Numérique.

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What is a connected object?

In June 2014, Novitact joined the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) , the world’s largest show dedicated to electronics and new technologies. Novitact was elected Grand Prix 2014 and joined CES in Las Vegas in January 2015! Thibaud SEVERINI and Vanessa CAIGNAULT novitact_founders_team Marketing a revolutionary idea! Thibaud SEVERINI and Vanessa CAIGNAULT develop and market the Feeltact bracelet , unveiled in early 2014. Feeltact allows you to communicate thanks to the sense of touch . It emits and delivers tactile sensations allowing the exchange of information. In certain trades or certain situations, it is difficult to communicate verbally or visually, hence the idea of ​​a light and design electronic bracelet making it possible to communicate via touch.

Some examples of sectors of activity concerned: Transportation, The event, Construction, Health, Defense, CIT carriers, Firefighters and emergency services … Feeltact applications make it possible to communicate as a team and to follow the various exchanges in real time! Connected bracelet Feeltact novitact Compiègne Connected objects have a bright future ahead of them, they can change our lives by facilitating, optimizing or even securing certain actions in our daily life. The French government sees it as a great source of growth! The stock market will perhaps be seduced by connected objects in the medium term. Anne LAUVERGEON , Director of the French company Areva, declares in an interview “France has missed smartphones and tablets.

What is Candy Crush?

It must not miss the Internet of Things!”Candy Crush has become the most played game in the world! To date, there are more than 130 million followers! How to explain this success? Where does it come from and what are the challenges? The principle of Candy Crush is to align at least 3 candies of the same color in order to score points. The player has 5 lives renewing every 30 minutes. When the player is stuck on a level, he can request lives from “friends” on Facebook while sharing and comparing his scores, he can also buy new lives (a pack of 5 lives for € 0.89) . The Candy Crush game is very easy to use and accessible from your smartphone. You can play it anywhere! Everything is done to make you addicted! Candy-Crush-Prepares-Its-IPO Who is behind it?

The King Digital Entertainment company, behind Candy Crush, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange! The group is now worth more than $ 7 billion (Source: March 2014) . The tactics of this game, reminiscent of the famous game Tetris , were studied and implemented by Stéphane Kurgan , Director of Operations and Alex Dale , Director of Marketing. The success of this game enabled the King company to hire 450 employees worldwide and would bring in € 470,000 per day! A real operation of seduction … The 1st levels are easy to reach and therefore make the player want to continue. The more you advance in the game, the more complicated the levels become. In addition, the game is updated regularly, which makes it almost impossible to complete.

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