Upon signing up, we’d sometimes ask the user to sign in again immediately. This no longer happens. Login Issues: We’d sometimes give a 502 error upon login for users with no sites. This has been resolved. Refactor List Builder: Refactored to share some common functions among all the different form types. This should result in a lower file size, faster load times, and improved reliability.

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Routing: Rely more on React Router to handle our routing and remove unnecessary path data. Legacy URLs should continue to work. FEB 26, 2018 Features Argentina Phone Number Subscribers: Improved the queries within Subscribers. It’s much much faster now. Chat: Added admin-side noise upon receipt of chat message. Sumo.com: Added the site’s paid plan within sumo.com/sites in the detailed view. Sumo: If a site doesn’t have access to a specific feature, the pricing view now says

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Which exact feature is missing. Message Center: Added ability to schedule campaigns for a future date/time! Fixes List Builder. Resulting in a form that would never show. Dashboard: Use our CDN for thumbnails resulting in faster thumbnail loading. Pageviews/Session was taking into account 0 Pageviews/Session per interval resulting in partial Pageview/Session data.

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