Is your website popular? The Citation Flow gives you a first answer. ZEN READING Majestic Citation FlowUpdated October 28, 2021 Quote Flow: what is it? The Citation Flow is a popularity indicator almost equivalent to the very famous Google PageRank , which has failed to update since the end of 2013. It is complementary to the Trust Flow, the two indicators put together constitute the Flow Metrics. In the absence of an up-to-date PageRank accessible to all, other indicators allow different websites to be compared with each other. And the Citation Flow or CF is one of the most used by the SEO community. The Citation Flow indicator is owned by MAJESTIC SEO which also has the world’s largest link index database.

This indicator is intended in particular for: all SEO professionals , media analysts, and website owners. The CF is also a criterion used Mali Email List to assess the market value of a domain name.  This is an indicator of the popularity of the page, an assessment of its ability to “pass juice”. The Citation Flow is calculated from the total number of links, the number of refDomains, the number of different class Cs… It is graduated from 0 to 100. The more a page has a high CF, the more it is able to bring you popularity How to know your CF? Nothing could be simpler, go to MAJESTIC , copy / paste the url of the site to test and the result is immediate!

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Citation Flow according to MAJESTIC SEO

Citation Flow indicator – MAJESTIC seoCitation Flow indicator – MAJESTIC – anthedesign web agency Conclusion The CF is one of the main indicators to be included in all SEO strategies based on the popularity and notoriety of a website. To be continued in a few days, the Majestic Trust Flow and the Moz Domain Authority.On September 01, 2015, our website experienced a big spike in organic traffic on a request with more than 10,000 visitors! Why this sudden increase in natural traffic? Which query can generate so many visits in 24 hours? Decryption of a peak in organic traffic. ZEN READING organic-traffic-googleUpdated April 17, 2019 Reminder: Organic or organic search traffic corresponds to traffic from Google and other search engines.

Organic traffic is a traffic acquisition channel just like social networks, the share of organic traffic on your website is directly linked to the quality of its natural referencing .  The origin of the peak in traffic On September 01, 2015, the famous search engine Google presented its new logo between 5 and 6 p.m. Google signals the change of its logo with an animation on its page. Millions of Internet users are discovering a new version of a logo “live” that is part of the daily life of a large majority of French people. (Google captures 95% of the search market in France). new-google-logo-09-2015New version of the Google logo on 09/01/2015 Internet users’ reaction When the logo is changed and for a few hours, all French Internet users discover the new Google logo.

Feedback on an “opportunistic” peak in organic traffic

I guess the reactions of Internet users to this discovery were certainly very different: Those who simply passed by, Those who didn’t care, Those who have watched the entire animation, And finally those who wanted to know more. The peak in organic traffic on our site concerns Internet users who wanted to know more about the new logo and its history. History of the google logo: The request behind the peak audience The query history of the google logo is therefore at the origin of the peak of organic traffic on our site on September 01, 2015, it is also by far the most typed request by our visitors. Capture-Search-Console-Search-AnalysisGoogle Search Console: Search analysis – organic traffic – Organic traffic captured on 1,532,531 impressions and 12,445 clicks on the query “history of the google logo”, 02 minutes and 38 seconds spent on average on the page.

Do you know the history and evolution of the Apple, Google and Lacoste logos? 4,402 impressions on the request “evolution of the google logo”, Our site captured a small share of total traffic with an average CTR of 0.84% ​​for an average position of 6.3, this low click-through rate is linked in my opinion to two factors: An unoptimized meta description , the meta is linked to the title and theme of the article, it was not written to anticipate the change of Google’s logo. All the sites positioned on the first page of Google were press & media websites Sources of the figures: Google Analytics and Google Search Console . FireShot Pro Screen Capture Google Analytics capture source Conclusions The popularity and visibility of Google is well established! Internet is a formidable vector of communication.

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