With a forecast of 45 billion euros for the year 2012, e-commerce is taking an increasingly important place in the landscape of French commerce, it is all the more striking for the Christmas holidays. ZEN READING christmas e commerceUpdated Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List October 30, 2021  As proof, surveys on the preparation of Christmas reveal that one in two French people plans to make their purchases on the Internet, 9 billion euros will be spent during this period . E-commerce sites have a few weeks to achieve their turnover, with a peak around December 15.

In addition, the frantic pace of current life & the crisis lead consumers to think ‘fast’ & ‘cheap’, therefore shopping on the Internet! e-commerce-christmas Internet users see e-commerce as a way to optimize their Christmas shopping thanks to the abundant offer, advice, opinions and comparison possibilities, all while staying warm in their sofas. Indeed, the choice of online sales has significant advantages: The reputation of the product: the online channel allows consumers to know the opinions of others on the product, Pragmatism: access available 24/7 , anywhere with home delivery, Price comparison: price comparison sites allow you to find the cheapest product in just a few clicks.

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The reasons for its success

Christmas presents Still according to surveys, the flagship gifts for Christmas 2012 are: Cultural products with amazon com in mind, Games & toys, High-tech products, pixmania.com will exceed 100,000 packages shipped on December 15th . E-commerce is not really experiencing the crisis for the moment, but according to Mediamétrie // Netratings, 80% of Internet users say they are affected by the crisis , which may lead to a slowdown in online shopping. The results of e-commerce will inevitably suffer a little with an average basket slightly down to € 88. This is when e-marketing can step in by improving the visibility and traffic of the e-commerce site.

E-commerce, despite the crisis, will have its best Christmas in 2012!Match France / Spain, The Final of Secret Story 6 and the election François Hollande for the podium. From simple annual ranking to marketing issues Thanks to Google Trends, we can obtain more targeted results according to its activity, we can take the case of an e-commerce site selling flowers, with a few filters, we will obtain the following results: Most frequent keywords listed in order of volume: flowers , flower, rose, interflora, bouquet, orchid, florist, flower delivery, lilies, roses. The strongest progressions: poppy, petal and wedding flower arrangement. In the online sales sector, Fevad provides studies on the evolution of e-commerce, the Top 10 of the most visited e-commerce sites in the second quarter of 2012 is as follows.

The place of e-commerce in Christmas shopping is growing

1 Amazon 2 eBay 3 Cdiscount 4 Fnac 5 PriceMinister 6 Groupon 7 Voyages-Sncf 8 Crossroads 9 La Redoute 10 Private-sale Regarding e-commerce sites, the number of visitors does not ensure turnover in itself , e-commerce sites are constantly working on their conversion rates (visit followed by an act of purchase) and on the amount of their average baskets. The analysis of research and trends allows you to highlight the right products and guide your advertising campaigns, the end goal being to increase the conversion rate and the average basket, the effect is immediate on the figure business e-commerce site .

ecommerce The most frequently used keywords from a query represent invaluable clues to all content publishers on the Internet. The trend presentation reflects the increase in volume for certain keywords. It makes it possible to reorient the choice of editorial content, web design and to anticipate future trends in web research.

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