Beyond offering the choice of ribbon, Guerlain wanted to give Internet users the possibility of choosing their bottle, among different sizes and colors, as well as their juice, to add decorative elements and to engrave a personalized message. It took all the know-how of our teams to succeed in creating, in real time, a multitude of combinations with an on-screen rendering perfectly identical to the physical reality of the final product. Guerlain is now able to offer a completely new experience of scriptwriting, configuration and co-creation, at the same time fun, interactive and very qualitative.

Now, online and in store, the customer promise is aligned! The 3D technical solution offered by Hapticmedia allows us to showcase our iconic products. It offers different combinations to increasingly demanding customers who are above Tunisia WhatsApp Number List all looking for digital experiences reflecting those of our stores, ” underlines Jean-Denis Mariani, CDO of Guerlain . The experience around the “Bee” bottle is currently available on several e-commerce platforms of the brand, including Italy, Spain and Great Britain, while waiting to discover it very soon on the French site. The term “agile” refers to the ability to maintain smooth and unimpeded movement.

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Its aim is to highlight adaptability and responsiveness to change – two important concepts in this approach. In the field of software development, for example, this indicates a smooth operation of the process which, in this sector, represents a new approach to work with particular key points. The agile method is developed and is mainly applied in two sectors: software development and project management. The agile method of software development is an umbrella term that brings together a range of frameworks and practices that are based on the idea of ​​iterative development , in which the prerequisites and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organized and multidisciplinary teams . This process allows the team to deliver better results much faster.

The two most used tools are Scrum and Kanban. The direction of agile projects is based on the Agile Manifesto , which assumes that any project relies on people who must collaborate perfectly and whose specialties must be complementary . It is less about flowcharts than bringing together professionals and encouraging them to find the most efficient way to get a result. When first implemented in 2001 in the context of the Agile Manifesto, the term “agile” was primarily associated with software development.

Subsequently, the method gradually spread to other sectors and industries , and agile project management quickly became a popular mode of operation to effectively address the constant changes of a turbulent and uncertain ecosystem. . The Agile Manifesto: 4 values ​​and 12 principles to better adapt to change and flexibility When the Agile Manifesto was created in 2001, the 17 developers behind its drafting committed to following the following four values: 1. People and their interactions are more important than processes and tools.

This value asserts that it is the people who design the tools and turn them to their advantage in order to advance development. 2. Functional software is more important than comprehensive documentation. Agility does not deny the importance of documentation but sees it as a tool rather than an end in itself. This logic therefore provides developers with the elements necessary for their activity without overloading them with information. 3. Collaboration with clients is more important than contractual negotiation. Agile project management puts customers at the heart of all its processes , from market research to deployment, to delivery, to ensure that the end result meets their requirements.

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