Marketers often believe that investing in analytics and digital marketing tools fully prepares them to compete in a data-driven world. These tools are built to quickly and simply help marketers translate data into actionable metrics. But in reality, that’s Latvia Phone Number just half the battle. Keeping pace in the digital age also involves hard decisions about the setup of their marketing organization. But for too many companies, slowed down by old, corporate silos, that’s not going to be an easy transition. Marketing departments in the pre-internet and early-internet Latvia Phone Number era created individual departments (sometimes in excess), which were based on functional expertise and often dedicated to specific channels, such as print, television, email, web and social.

Departments Built Latvia Phone Number

These  in a time when companies believed that marketing controlled the customer in a linear process, pushing them methodically through their marketing ‘funnel’—from awareness to purchase and the various steps along the way. That approach worked historically, but the explosion of additional digital channels like mobile and social, and higher consumption across them scrambled the equation forever. The buying process nowadays is anything but linear. Think Latvia Phone Number about the typical consumer’s day. They may start by doing something on one channel. But then later, they may interact with a brand again—this time on a different channel.

Brand Is Treating Each Channel Latvia Phone Number

Latvia Phone Number

If the  as a silo, they won’t be able to have anything but a jumbled, disconnected conversation with their consumer. The new world requires constant company engagement with customers. Supplying personalized and relevant information that offers value Latvia Phone Number and informs their decisions wherever they are and whenever they are engaging with you. Shift To Support The Customer Journey This evolution to what we. At Marketo, call engagement marketing, is forcing marketers to move as quickly as their markets and their customers. The challenge Latvia Phone Number to CMOs is to take a sledgehammer to their corporate silos and reimagine a new way to structure their marketing departments. We’re seeing successful CMOs transform traditional marketing silos and channel

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