Some features to integrate The features common to these applications can be: presentation of timetables, menus translated into several languages, suggestions of the day, etc that your establishment offers. Now that you know the main Belarus Phone Numbers List workable applications in the restaurant business (or maybe you have your own idea?), Let’s see what the benefits will be for you. The advantages of a mobile application in the catering industry – To stay in tune with the times, restaurants are no exception: they must have a digital presence. A mobile application therefore ensures your online presence, and helps to show that you are modern. – If you choose to create an order-taking application, then you allow your team to be more efficient in the management of the room (more staff available for the distribution of the dishes, to redo the tables…).

– A mobile application is also the way to enrich your customer database, and thus offer them personalized offers. (Indeed, the customer can create different lists: ” my favorite desserts “, ” good dishes for my line ” …) – With the implementation of notifications (sending reductions, updating the card, competitions, etc.), the application becomes a loyalty tool. – The application also serves as a means of communication with your customers, on which they can share their opinions but via which you can also ask them for theirs, with satisfaction surveys. – Finally, if you are anti-waste, the application can be an opportunity to inform your customers of the unsold products of the day. Who has already chosen to develop an application in this field with Squirrel? To date, there are 3 companies.

Belarus Phone Numbers List

In Reality, They Allow The Improvement Of Their Notoriety, Customer Loyalty

Mezzo application Mezzo Di Pasta, fast food chain For the Mezzo Di Pasta application of this French channel, Squirrel has set up: Location of the nearest restaurant Online order Sending push notifications Speed ​​Rabbit Pizza mobile app Speed ​​Rabbit Pizza, fast food chain On the Speed ​​Rabbit Pizza application , you can find the entire chain menu, the ability to order (choice of point of sale, have it delivered or eat there) as well as current promotions. Squirrel also added the following features: Location of the nearest restaurant Sending push notifications Facebook Connect management Boulom application Boulom, bakery-restaurant In this all-you-can-eat buffet in Paris ( Boulom ),

if you want a drink, you have to go through the app! Browse wines and cocktails and make your choice in a few clicks. In addition to taking orders, here are other features that the application includes: Graphic integration Connection with the API of the Tiller System cash register Timer when an order is launched The bill please ! In short, a mobile application for your establishment will allow you to optimize your activity, or improve your customer experience (or why not both at the same time). The icing on the cake: at Squirrel, we provide you with this tool! Whether for internal use or for your consumers, the application will meet your criteria and requirements.

Individuals. According To “entrepreneur”, 24% Of E-merchants Have Developed A Mobile Application.

Are you in the restaurant business and has this article given you an idea of ​​an application for your business? The security of an IOS & / or Android application is an inseparable element of the design of an application . However, this is not necessarily a priority before the publication of applications (whether IOS or Android). We don’t teach you anything when it comes to data theft . Unfortunately, this is a scourge affecting a majority of Internet users and therefore it is necessary to act effectively on this point. In this article, you will find information allowing you to learn more about the security of your applications. Summary What are the security challenges in mobile development? Your security And for your application? What practices do we implement to improve your security?

Write a secure code Encrypt / encrypt / hash your data Use of internal repositories Custom made API Privilege management User rights management Managing sessions Use of up-to-date technology GDPR How can you act in addition to our action? High level authentication Internal rights management Password management What are the security challenges in mobile development? The user is not always aware of data protection practices. Based on this observation, it is necessary to know how to act effectively from the point of view of the agencies in order to limit the risks associated with the applications and thus restore optimal security . Data is the sinews of war on the Internet and all means are good to obtain the maximum amount of data from Internet users.

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