It is up to each individual and each company to adapt to Industry 4.0, just as previous generations had to adapt to Industries 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Those who adapt well will be able to benefit from all of these exciting new technologies. Ultimately, Industry 4.0 has the potential to radically improve the lives of millions of people . Many aspects of Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List industry and commerce, from factory safety to the shopping experience, are set to improve significantly. Through mass customization, smart factories and 3D configuration technology, companies will not only be able to increase their profit margins, but also improve the lives of their consumers by providing a better customer experience.

3D is transforming our view of a wide range of fields. Interactive 3D allows us to answer two key questions that every consumer asks: “Is this product going to be exactly what I want?” ” “Is it of good quality or is it a fake?” ” Interaction with the product opens up even more possibilities. It is now common knowledge that customer and influencer reviews are no longer enough. Buyers want to experience the products on multiple levels. According to Econsultancy, they not only want to see the product, but also want to hold it in their hand, touch it, and have no doubts about their purchase before making it. In most cases, this is not possible as the ideal product is thousands of miles away. High resolution images also have their limits.

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Cloud Services Will Continue To Grow And Brands Will Need To Adapt.

Even when the products are modeled, there are still possibilities for a gap between reality and image. What is a 3D configurator? A 3D configurator is an interactive tool that uses 3D models of real objects and allows customers to customize products according to several options as they wish . Real-time visualization allows users to see their changes and receive a product cost estimate based on their customization. 3D visualization and configuration tool for Guerlain lipsticks allowing users to create their signature lipstick, by choosing sizes, colors, cases, accessories, engraving of their initials, etc. Solution created by Hapticmedia . Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates?

Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! Thanks to the 3D Product Configurator, customers can experience your product from all angles and customize aspects such as its texture, color, or any other element. They can visualize the transformation of the product in real time from any device and without the use of plug-ins. They also have the option of configuring custom designs, although these specifics are not available . The 3D product configurator allows you to boost your e-commerce platform thanks to the power of immersive visualization. Source: Guerlain 3D configurator by Hapticmedia How 3D configurators work Whatever the nature of your configurator, it generally fulfills the following two functions: the exploration in detail of the product and the possibility of customizing an existing product to meet a specific need .

This Means That The Demands For Geolocation, Product Configuration, Chatbots, Virtual Fitting, Internet Of Things

Take the example of a customer who would like to buy a pair of shoes but is not sure which one will be the most suitable for the type of hike he wants to practice. Once on your website, they will be interested in the specifics of your brand’s history and the type of shoe you produce. They will also look at the investment and craftsmanship you put into creating the product. This customer may have an idea of ​​what they want, but they are still not quite sure whether to make the purchase. This is where the configurator comes in to present several types of shoes and the possible variations on each model, thus increasing their engagement rate with the product.

A simplified 3D configuration demonstration provided by luxury brand Lolo Chatenay and tech startup Hapticmedia . Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! Thanks to your configurator, he can consult the different styles, materials and colors of shoes and combine them until he creates the personalized pair of shoes he prefers . While associating and aligning his choices, real-time visualization allows him to see his changes in 360 ° mode . All of these give the customer precise control over the product they want and make them more likely to proceed with the purchase. Limitations of traditional product configurators There are two types of traditional product configurators: image-based configurators and offline 3D solutions.

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