Cleans up some of the discount validation logic in the wysiwyg. Which previously prevented the discount warning from not showing up on invalid discount campaigns. Don’t allow saving of game form type when it’s using an invalid discount campaign Sumo Launcher. Added LTR style to prevent RTL sites from having issues with Sumo Smart Bar. Add top and height styling on bottom smart bars List Builder. Fixed IE11 incompatibilities with our library that helps with fixed elements Dashboard: Use client’s timezone so numbers make sense based on their location List Builder

This Local Hotel an Extra Last Month

Incorrect test variant would sometimes have the subscriber ‘source’ set incorrectly. This has been fixed Refactor Smart Bar: Use ElasticSearch for stats instead of Thailand Phone Number  RDS Scroll Box: Use ElasticSearch for stats instead of RDS Sumo. React performance improvements Removed catch-all shouldComponentUpdate. Removed per-render event handlers Style Dashboard: Updated tooltips within dashboard to match design specs Updated ChartJS to fix issue with the legend APR 2, 2018 Chores GeoIP

Thailand Phone Number List

Removed old GeoIP database Features Chat – added GDPR explicit opt-in capability Sumo. Added Sumo ROI Calculator Discounts: Added ability to add minimum purchase amount to discount codes for Shopify users List Builder. Added ability to use tabs with click trigger forms List Builder. Now shows a warning triangle in the form list if there is an issue with discount codes Fixes Highlighter: Fixed possible. “Cannot read property ‘contentWindow’ of null” errors CDN Caching. Fixed CDN caching to prevent marking unchanged files as changed Chat

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