In the IT field, breadcrumbs designate a secondary navigation system. The role of this system is to show a user his position on an application or on a website. It is a process that has many advantages in the field of natural referencing. The breadcrumb also helps you to have a better positioning in the search engines What is a breadcrumb trail? When it comes to web design, there is what is called breadcrumbs. This expression has a mythological origin. It features Ariadne who is the daughter of the king of Crete Minos . The latter seduced by Theseus who offered her a way out of the labyrinth in which was a Minotaur. Theseus unrolled a thread as he walked through the labyrinth.

A trick allowing him to retrace his steps without making a mistake. This is a trick more and more used in the creation of websites. The role  Palestine Consumer Email List of an internet breadcrumb trail is to help you find yourself when you are at different levels of depth on a website. When you want to offer your visitors the possibility of viewing web pages located at higher levels of the tree structure of a website, you can use this means. Visitors to your site will not need to use the back button on their web browser. This web browsing breadcrumb technique can be used in creating websites. This is a navigation tool to be used at the site header level .

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A means used in the creation of websites

To increase the visibility of a site , in addition to the possibility of going back, this navigation element can be used both in the header of the site and at the end of the page or article. The advantage of this means is not simply limited to the SEO level of your websites . If you have a site that offers the sale of products on the Internet, you may see an increase in your sales. A good number of visitors will be able to come to your site from the search engine results. Its usefulness in natural referencing Breadcrumbs can be very useful for the natural referencing of your websites. By using an SEO breadcrumb trail , you will be able to better optimize your site for search engines. It may happen that your Breadcrumb trail uses keywords, or derivatives of keywords for better enrichment in terms of meaning.

However, the anchors for these keywords can repeat down to N-1 levels, as well as on N-level posts and pages. Which means there is more to be done at the usage level. keywords in your Breadcrumb trail. It is a system set up only manually, and the realization of which takes time.  Another advantage of the Breadcrumb trail: it indicates to a user his position in relation to the site hierarchy. The latter thus easily turns back. This process of navigation through the breadcrumb web , helps visitors to a site to have information about their position on this site. When these visitors want to find the sections or pages of a website, they use this means which improves their navigation.

The usefulness of breadcrumb navigation

In order for the structure of a website to be understood with greater ease, it should not be inserted in the menu, but rather in the breadcrumbs. This is a process that helps you understand the value of a website’s content, which further encourages you in your browsing. Breadcrumb can also help reduce the bounce rate . For example, when an online store visitor lands on a product page, the product may not meet their expectations. As a result, the visitor may be led to look at all the products which are in the same category. The reduction in bounce rate usually depends on this breadcrumb trail. The other advantages of Breadcrumb for a user A user performs fewer actions by using breadcrumbs while browsing.

Indeed, when the latter goes back, he does not need to use a button of the main menu, or the “Back” button of the browser. Breadcrumbs helps him in this action. This method also helps site visitors to avoid overloading a web page and its content. The web navigation breadcrumb uses minimal space, as it involves several hyperlinks that are organized in a horizontal manner. This useful process helps users to have fewer problems while browsing the internet. When should a site use breadcrumbs? To make sure that your website should or should not use one, you need to set up the sitemap. You can also make a diagram representing the navigation structure of the website. Then you can perform an analysis to see if an internet breadcrumb trail can improve a user’s ability to easily navigate between categories, or within a website.

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